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Accepting Bitcoin Payments for an ECommerce Store


Many eCommerce store owners are thinking about accepting Bitcoin payments. That’s because Bitcoin has prominently featured in the news lately. And several online stores are already accepting Bitcoin payments. Thus, this could be the right time for your eCommerce store to start accepting Bitcoin payments.

Essentially, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining increasing popularity when it comes to online transactions. Even if you see digital currencies as a form of speculative investment, your eCommerce can benefit from accepting Bitcoin payments. That’s because even major and reputable online outlets accept crypto payments.

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Generally, Bitcoin acceptance and use are on the rise. And that’s the reason why you should consider accepting it at your eCommerce store.

Accepting Bitcoin on Amazon and Shopify

Perhaps, you’re wondering whether you can use Bitcoin on Amazon and Shopify. Well, Amazon does not accept Bitcoin directly. However, this eCommerce giant uses gift cards with links to this cryptocurrency. Essentially, a customer can use these gift cards to purchase products on Amazon. That means you can buy Amazon gift cards using Bitcoins and then use them to complete a purchase.

Shopify also provides a way to purchase items using Bitcoins. Many eCommerce stores have used plugins to integrated crypto payments. For instance, the Lightning Network plugin is a feature for processing payments that allows customers to complete Bitcoin payments. Bitpay also works with Shopify to enable merchants to create stores on this platform and accept Bitcoin.

Accept Bitcoin Manually

Among the key selling points for Bitcoin is the elimination of third-party services. That means your eCommerce store can accept Bitcoin without the involvement of other platforms. And this is a relatively simple process. All you need is to generate Bitcoin addresses for all sales that take place at your site.

Provide simple instructions for the amount that your customers send. The sent Bitcoin should go directly to your wallet, after which you may process every order once you’ve confirmed the transaction.

But, you will still take care of billing and invoicing. What’s more, you will have to arrange to deliver the services or items sold through your store. You will also send payment addresses to your customers manually. And this can be time-consuming, but it eliminates intermediaries.

Why Accept Bitcoin Payments for an eCommerce Store? 

Cryptocurrencies’ popularity has been growing over the years. Its adoption is also increasing. If you run an eCommerce store, considering accepting Bitcoin payments is a wise idea. Here are the main reasons to accept payments via this cryptocurrency.

  • Receiving Bitcoin payments is easy: To receive Bitcoin payments, all your eCommerce store has to do is provide an address and tell the customer the amount to pay.
  • Bitcoin has many payment processors: Perhaps, you want customers to pay you with Bitcoin, but you don’t like to receive your payment directly. In that case, choose a processor to handle your payments and convert them into your local or regular currency.
  • Bitcoin can be an investment: Bitcoin’s value is volatile. However, you can purchase and hold Bitcoin to sell it when the price increases. Some years back, some people bought Bitcoin and are now selling it at a higher price, thereby making good profits.
  • Bitcoin payments are faster: Unlike credit cards and bank transfers, Bitcoin payment takes minutes. And since Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, you don’t have to worry about chargebacks.
  • Low fees: Bitcoin transactions attract a low cost. That’s because this payment method does not involve intermediaries.

Regardless of your business’ nature, your eCommerce store can accept Bitcoin payments. And you stand to enjoy numerous benefits once you start taking payments via this cryptocurrency.