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7 Ways to Travel the World for Free

Imagine a resolution passed in the United Nations that traveling will be free from now onward!! Everyone would be leaving their own jobs and starting planning their next tourist destination. Flying will be free then! How good it would be! 

But the reality is rude and crude. We can not travel the world in 365 days for free!

There are some magic tricks through which you can manage travel without a single penny. Do you want to know them? Let us hear it…we are unfurling the secrets here. Be with us.

Ways To Travel The World For Free 

There are some ways through which you can travel for free or with minimal cost!

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Let us discuss the ways through which you can really make the impossible possible.

1. Work In A Hostel 

There are hotels where you can be a part of the service teams. They offer free trips to its employees to roam about the country. They do it so that the employees feel charged up after a month-long work.

If you want to be a part of the hotel, you need to have the required training. Once you get into the hotel, you can roam about the country or adjacent country free of cost.

2. Living In A Boat

Cruise service also provides opportunities for the team to move about into the land for free. If you become a part of such a cruise service, you too can roam about freely.

Cruise companies like to offer seasonal positions to newcomers. These posts come with responsibilities like cleaning, people, kitchen, and entertainment services.

They also offer a lot of amenities to their crew members for refreshment. So work for them and get free rides, sightseeing, and other facilities.

3. Make Bank By Teaching English Abroad 

Be a teacher in some English schools. There are some countries which offer vacancies for English teachers. For example, in the UAE, they recruit a great number of English teachers.

If you get yourself into a teaching profession, you can get the opportunity to travel throughout the country.

In addition, you also get the opportunity to attend teachers’ conferences held in adjacent countries. Therefore, again you get an opportunity to travel for free.

4. House Sitting

A House sitting job is also one of the selective opportunities that provide an opportunity to travel at a nominal cost. So what are the duties of a house sitter?

If you are a house sitter, you get to do a bit of attending, gardening, babysitting, and other lighter jobs.

With house sitting you get a great opportunity to move the different parts of the country on weekends. Your hotel bears all the costs. This is another lucrative way to travel.

5. Organize You Own Volunteer Trip

This one is the most engaging one…volunteer travel. If you also run a tourist company, you can move anywhere without spending your own bucks.

This is because you can run the costs of touring using the travel fee paid to you by the passengers.

6. Travel To The Old Country For Free

This concept is not too old. There are countries that have a great plan to promote their tourist destinations. They invite non-residents to come back to their roots and experience them.

For instance, if you are a Canadian by lineage, staying in Italy, the Canadian government might allow you to come back to the roots where your father and grandfather stayed. Thus you get a Canadian tour completely free of cost.

7. Drive Someone’s Car Cross Country 

Do you want to visit your nearby country? Have you prepared your permissions? Let us take your friend. Ask your friend to get his car.

Take the SUV and start your free tour. Of course, you might have to bear a little expenditure for this. But in return, you are getting a cheap dirt tour.

What more do you want? Request your friend to be a little benevolent this time…OK?

So Everything Is Free, Right?

Let’s get a bit honest at the fag end of the article. Nothing in this world is for “Free.”

But yes, if you want to get your tours at a nominal cost, you can get them in a much cheaper way. But you need to appreciate our efforts in discussing cheap or free travel.