Modern technology gives us many things.

Cook your ribs and brisket with Australia’s smartest barbecues

Do you love cooking barbecue ribs, pulled pork and brisket?  Now that process has just gone high tech with the Green Mountain Grill which has a built-in wi-fi controller

Whether you’re cooking a 12-hour brisket or pork shoulder, the whole process just got a lot smarter.

The Green Mountain Grills communicate wirelessly with your smartphone via a mobile app so you can monitor the grill remotely whether you’re inside entertaining your guests or out walking the dog.

The Sense-Mate technology can maintain the ambient temperature along with the air and pellet flow so you know your food will be grilled to perfection.

Through the app you can create and set cooking profiles, set timers and receive alerts.

Low and slow cooking has increased in popularity in Australia and we’ve developed a taste for smoked meat.


The Green Mountain Grill range has a special pellet delivery system so there is sufficient fuel to maintain the right temperature and smoke to maintain that unique flavour.

Daniel Boone Wi-Fi Grill

Green Mountain Grill’s smallest model – the Davy Crockett Wi-Fi weighs in at 30kg and is priced at $949.

Customers can also choose a stainless steel rangehood and add racks, shelving and thermal blankets.

Jim Bowie Wi-Fi
Jim Bowie Wi-Fi



S/S Hood $949 RRP

Black Hood $1,399 RRP
S/S Hood $1,549 RRP

Black Hood $1,799 RRP
Stainless Steel Hood $1,949 RRP