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You can now buy 4G fourth generation iPad on a monthly plan

ipad4gplanThe latest fourth generation iPad 4G is now available to buy on a plan through Telstra, Optus and Vodafone with the 4G iPad Mini to follow in the coming days.

The monthly plan costs include device payment and data allowance. It is the first time a 4G iPad has been offered by Australian networks.

Plans starts at $49 per month on Telstra with an included 1GB of data.

Optus kicks off their offering at a set $28.05 a month for the device with a sliding plan payment starting at an additional $19.95 a month for 2GB up to $74.95 for a massive 20GB allowance.

Over at Vodafone, which hasn’t activated its 4G network as yet, plans for the 4G fourth generation iPad start at $47 a month for the 16GB model wi-fi + cellular and 2GB of data.

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There has been no pricing for iPad Mini plans but these will be announced when the device becomes available before the end of the month.

Telstra’s fourth generation 4G iPad plans can be viewed here.

Full Optus pricing for the 4G iPad fourth generation plans can be seen here.

Vodafone 4G iPad fourth generation plans are outlined here.

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