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World’s first Windows tablet with Swype

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Touchscreen typing can be a frustrating experience at times. It’s really easy to hit the wrong key.

But the introduction of Swype typing on Android-powered mobile devices like Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone changed all that. What’s even more interesting is the fact it has now moved to the tablet.

Tech Guide got its hands on the world’s first Windows tablet to offer Swype BETA – the Tega v2.1.

With tablets becoming an increasingly popular format the amount of typing we will be doing on a touchscreen is only going to increase.

Swype typing allows user to type fast and accurately by joining the letters on the keyboard without lifting their fingers off the keyboard.

Lifting your finger off the touchscreen after each letter and trying to accurately strike the next letter can be difficult.

But Swype BETA can achieve the same thing simply by connecting the letters you want to type.

And even when you don’t quite connect to the letter you want to include, Swype BETA’s built-in dictionary can still work out what you’re trying to say.

I tried the Swype BETA on the Tega v2.1 and was amazed by its accuracy and speed.

Another thing I liked was the fact it can be done with one finger – which is often how we type if we are holding the tablet in the other hand.

Whether you’re typing out a fast email or a lengthy Word document, Tega v2.1’s  Swype BETA is excellent.

The Tega v2.1 from TegatechTegatech’s Tega v2.1 offers not only Android on board but it can also run Windows 7. At start-up users simply choose which system they want to run.

Tegatech – a company that has been producing tablets long before Apple released the iPad – saw Swype  BETA as an important new feature.

After months of negotiations, Swype agreed to release a Windows 7 beta version.

Because of the strong community of Tega v2 owners on the Tega v2 Forum, Swype agreed to release the beta in the hope of learning more about people’s expectations and ideas of Swype BETA on a Windows Tablet.

Tegatech is the first company in the world to offer a Windows tablet with Swype BETA to its users.

The Tega v2.1 has a 10.1-inch screen capacitive multi-touch screen, an Atom N455 processor running at 1.6Ghz with Android and Windows 7 onboard.

It has two USB ports, a mini VGA port and a microSD card slot.  It also includes wireless N support.

The Tegatech Tega v2.1 will start at $749 when it is released in the coming weeks.