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Which iPad 2 model do Australians prefer

ipad2thumbblack or white?

The iPad 2 has been on sale in Australia for just on two weeks and the rush by customers means it’s been sold just about everywhere.

For the first time Apple has offered the iPad in black and white as well as in regular wi-fi only and 3G options.

Many are happy to get their hands on any version of the iPad 2 but Tech Guide’s survey has revealed some surprising preferences. 

As of this morning the most popular iPad is the black 3G model which was preferred by 37.5 per cent of respondents.

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The second most popular at 15.6 per cent was the black wi-fi only iPad 2.

Surprisingly the new white models, which many expected to be as popular as the regular black colour, placed well down the order.

Our survey shows the white iPad 3G  (14.1 per cent) and white  iPad wi-fi (10.9 per cent) ranked third and fourth respectively.

Australians prefer the black iPad 2 over the new white offering

But the iPad 2 isn’t for everyone with 6.3 per cent of respondents saying they were happy with the first model and 12.9 per cent saying they don’t need an iPad.

According to the DigiTimes website, Apple sold between up to 2.6 million iPad 2s around the world in the month of March.

The site reports Apple is ramping up production to up to 4.3 million units per month to meet the demand with a view to sell more than 12 million iPad 2s by the middle of the year.

Stock levels across Australia still appear to be scarce with stores selling out their stock within minutes.

Apple Stores are still your best chance to get hold of an iPad 2 while Apple’s Australian online store has now reduced the shipping time to 2-3 weeks after being 3-4 weeks at launch.