Modern technology gives us many things.

We loved our tech during the pandemic – but now we’ve had enough


For the last two years during the pandemic, Australians have been closer to their technology than ever before but now we’ve had enough with 58 per cent saying it’s time to take a step back.

HP has created an interactive digital experience called REFLCT, a first of its kind evidence-based algorithm which can analyse our technology usage and reflect on the value it brings to our lives.

This research revealed that nine in 10 Australians agreed technology played a vital part in keeping us connected with family, partners, friends and work colleagues.

But the same research also showed that 58 per cent of Australians think it’s time to step away from our screens and take a moment of self-reflection.

“We need to focus on technology as an enabler that inspires meaningful progress as opposed to technology as a detractor,” says Andrew Campbell, a researcher and teacher in digital mental health, cyber psychology and child adolescent and family mental health for more than 20 years.

“Despite our best intentions, digital detoxes are destined to fail.

“One in four have tried a digital detox but more than one in 10 found they fell back into their old habits soon after.

“We need to start exploring our everyday interactions with technology and think about how these interactions can become more mindful experiences.

“That’s why HP has launched its REFLCT application, to help encourage users to reflect on their digital well-being.”

The research also highlighted the fact that 57 per cent of Australians agree that everyday technology has a bad reputation with 69 per cent saying they felt overwhelmed by how much they depend on technology in their life.

It’s almost come to the point of addiction where two in five Australians have tried to get off social media but found they were unable to do that.

Digital detox has also been attempted by 26 per cent of Australians with only 11 per cent saying it worked.