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Want to work in IT? You need CompTIA A+ Certification and these valuable tips to help you pass

We are living in the world where everything revolves around the digital space. Basically, everything that we do now requires us to deal with the digital sphere, including even paying for our bills. In the workplace, many tasks are now accomplished using a computer, which is an essential tool that allows us handle different types of assignments.

This reason alone is enough to understand that it is crucial to at least possess the basic IT knowledge and skills to enable us perform comfortably some of our everyday activities. Employers nowadays prefer to hire people who have basic IT knowledge. Furthermore, many jobs now require one to have that basic IT knowledge as it is deemed to be a very essential component to achieve the desired results. So, in this article,we will look at the CompTIA A+ certification and what it is all about.


The CompTIA A+ certification is a credential that is designed with the objective of equipping individuals with the basic IT knowledge and skills. It is considered a good starting point, especially for people who want to develop their careers in IT related fields. This CompTIA certificateisdone to prepare the studentsfor several IT jobs such as an IT Support Technician and an IT Support Administrator. The candidates will basically be taught the essential elements of PC handling and PC maintenance.

Popularity of the CompTIA A+ certification

The CompTIA A+ certification has gained much popularity over the years since it helps to boost skills and knowledge of basic IT concepts. Many professional fields at the moment have incorporated IT structures and technologies that require employees to possess the basic IT skills to successfully perform some of the working tasks. The spreading need for basic IT knowledge and skills is what has made the A+ credential very popular among professionals.

Reasons to get the CompTIA A+ certification

Possessing the CompTIA A+ certification will be advantageous in the following ways:

  • You will be able to receive credibility from employers in various fields like military forces and governmentwho value competent and well-trained IT experts;
  • There are many career opportunities with this certification as IT is becoming a crucial component in many professional fields, especially as a way of keeping up with the technological demands;
  • You will be sure of job stability in the professional field meaning that your status will not change and this will continue boosting your professionalism;
  • The certification is showing signsof great popularity and recognition so with it you will be highly respected by your fellow IT professionals;
  • If you become certified, you’ll be given membership into the professional website programs where you’ll get hands-on experience with the best materials, networks, and podcasts that will help in improving your professional skills, knowledge, etc.

Getting the CompTIA A+ certification

If a candidate wants to earn the CompTIA A+ certification, he/she will have to pass two exams: CompTIA A+ 220-901 and CompTIA 220-902. The 220-901 exam covers the following topics: hardware maintenance, software maintenance, system troubleshooting, mobile devices, hardware troubleshooting, and networking. The 220-902 test, on the other hand, covers the topics dealing with Android, Linux, Windows, IOS, and Apple OS X operating systems.

Both exams contain a maximum of 90 questions with multiple-choice questions and each requires 90 minutes to complete. CompTIA A+ 220-901 requires a minimum 675 points to pass while CompTIA 220-902 requires 700 points. The candidate is also required to have 9 to 12 months of working experience with a strong focus on IT security.

Some of the topics that are covered in the CompTIA A+ certification exam include: operational procedures, OS and technologies, hardware and network troubleshooting, software troubleshooting, hardware, Windows operating system, networking, security and mobile devices.

Preparing for the CompTIA A+ exam

Exam preparation is paramount and in order to pass it, one needs a good and adequate preparation. The following tips will help you prepare for the A+ exams:

  • Read through the instructions carefully and ensure that you clearly understand every detail. This will help you avoid unnecessary confusion during the exam;
  • Try to find and read different learning materials to get more insights on the relevant topics of the exam;
  • Carry out practice tests to be able to gauge your preparedness levels. This will also serve to keep your mind alert and fresh;
  • Start early preparation before you sit for the actual exam. This will help you minimize any kind of pressure and give you a focused mindset;
  • Having a tutor around will also be of benefit, especially when you want to ask questions that are a bit challenging;
  • Try to answer all the questions even if you are not completely sure – just give it a try,since you will not be penalized;
  • Having a study partner will also help both of you tackle hard questions and help each other determine your weak points;
  • Be sure to come early for the exam and do not discuss it afterwards to avoid unnecessary worries.

Top resources to get you prepared

  • CompTIA Network Study Guide– it consists of multiple sample exam questions preferable for students and comes in various sets of languages.
  • Udemy– the site contains helpful information on the CompTIA A+ exam. You will find numerous videos and practice tests for you to use in your preparations.
  • ITOLOGY– it is a very simple site that offers short notes on the exam and tips on how to pass it.
  • CompTIAwebsite– this is the official website that offers up-to-date information on all CompTIA exams andcontains useful content that will greatly benefit students.

As with any other exam, you have to make sure you have prepared well by taking your studies seriously. If not, you’ll end up failing and, what’s even worse, paying to do the course again and that will be a waste of time and resources.