Modern technology gives us many things.

Tips to look and sound your best for your next video meeting


While we’re working from home we are connecting via various video meetings apps like Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and GoToMeeting and you want to look your best. Here are some tips to do just that.

Before your next video meeting there are a few things you need to take into consideration including your camera angle, your background, the lighting and your audio quality.


When people connect via their laptop camera they make the mistake of leaving their laptop on their desk and angling the camera up towards them.

This is not a very flattering angle and the other people in your call are basically looking up your nose.

What you need to do here is position your camera at eye level.

Elevate your laptop camera to eye level

If you have a laptop you can either buy a laptop stand to elevate it or just get a stack of books to bring it up higher.

This way you are more square-on to the camera and giving everyone the same view of your face as if you’re talking to someone in person.

And be sure to look at the camera while you’re speaking rather than  at yourself on the screen.


We’ve seen some interesting backgrounds lately and this has included rooms and bookshelves, shelves and windows.

Try to set up an uncluttered background that doesn’t have too many distracting objects in it because people will focus on that instead of listening to what you’re saying.

Even a plain wall or a curtain does the trick.

And it might be an idea to let other people in your household you’re about to have a video call. You don’t want anything embarrassing happening behind you.

Another solution is a virtual background which many video conferencing apps include.

Some applications like Skype also have a feature that allows you to blur your background.


Be sure to take a look at the amount of light you have. Usually a room with natural light is bright enough for you to be seen clearly.

One thing you should NOT do is sit with your back to a bright window. This will make you look like a silhouette.

Facing a window with your laptop positioned between your seat and the window will allow the light to hit your face.

Even though it’s daytime it’s a good idea to turn the lights on in the room as well.


Not only can other people see you in a video call, they can also hear you as well.

While you might have spent a lot of time optimising how you’re going to look, you should also consider how you sound as well.

The built-in microphones on a laptop are good not great and you can do a lot better if you pair a pair of earphones or headphones which has built-in microphones for calls.

The quality of the microphones are much better than those on your laptop and you’re also able to hear the call yourself more clearly as well.