Modern technology gives us many things.

It’s time to take ask your boss to take a look at your workplace ergonomics


When we spend so much time in an office in front of a computer we need to take into account workplace wellness and ergonomics and Kensington has a range of products that can help us stay comfortable.

Research commissioned by Kensington has shed some interesting light into the Australian office environment.

The study revealed that more than 2.4 million white-collar workers have taken sick leave because of pain caused by bad posture.

And 73 per cent admit their bad posture at work is unhealthy which shows that office managers should pay more attention to creating more comfortable and ergonomic work environments.

The Kensington research has been released to coincide with Global Ergonomics Month which runs until the end of October with the aim of raising awareness of how workplaces can be improved to provide maximum comfort for staff.

“We have seen a notable shift from ergonomic workplace solutions being deemed a fad to a necessity, and this research reflects that attitude change. Australians want to be comfortable at work – which means they can work harder, smarter and be happy and healthier at the end of the day,” says James Dibou, Kensington product manager.

“Ergonomics is about providing wellness and personal comfort to help people feel better.

“Now’s the time, more than ever, for employers to realise this and take the opportunity focus on prevention solutions, allowing people to be their best in and outside the office.”

The research found that 89 per cent of workers say their discomfort has a direct impact on their productivity so it’s the responsibility of the employer to make sure their staff are comfortable to help them perform at their best.

Unfortunately 57 per cent of office workers have little or no expectation of their bosses supplying them with ergonomic equipment as they believe their employer would rather spend that money in other areas.

But there are numerous solutions which Kensington provides including foot rests, back cushions, ergonomic mouse pads and even a standing desk.

Here are Kensington’s top tips for an ergonomic workplace:

– Good Posture: This is essential to lasting health and comfort. With rocking footrests classified as one of the most appealing ergonomic equipment accessories to use by office workers, Kensington’s range of SmartFit SoleMate ergonomic foot rests offers ultimate comfort while working.

– Find the right temperature: The ongoing battle against the ‘ideal’ office temperature means white collar workers are looking for easy solutions to achieve personal comfort while working. Kensington’s range of WellView products gives users the opportunity to cool down or warm up at the touch of a button.

– Protect your wrists:  Office workers tend to ignore the major pain points in hands and arms because of an unnatural keyboard and mousing set-up. Kensington’s ErgoSoft range of mouse pads and wrist rests are designed to help keep your keyboard and mouse lower than your forearm, so hands and arms are in-line for ultimate and long-term wrist health.

– Take a stand: With a huge volume of office workers citing sitting down all day to be a contributor to their unhappiness at work, Kensington’s SmartFit standing desk solution allows employees to create their own flexible workspace and maximise the health benefits of alternating between standing and sitting while working.