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Take the 8BitDo SN30 Pro 2 controller with you to play on multiple platforms


We love playing games across multiple platforms and now you can take your controller with you with the new 8BitDo SN30 Pro 2 – a Bluetooth controller that will work on Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, Android and Steam.

It has the typical look and feel of a console controller with the same thumb sticks, direction pad, A, B, X and Y buttons and shoulder and rear controls you’d expect on the latest products.

In the middle are the Start and Select buttons and two small buttons beside each thumb stick that can be customised for the game and platform you’re playing on.

And like the Xbox and PlayStation controllers there are also left and right triggers below the shoulder buttons and even an inside button on each grip.

The device can be used wirelessly over Bluetooth or wired using a USB-C cable.

On the bottom near the rechargeable battery hatch is a switch which can change the controller mode for the platform you’re playing on.

There’s S (Switch), A (Apple) D (Direct Input – Android) and X (X Input – Windows) so the controller can line up with those particular platform requirements.

If you’re playing on Windows, you can even download free software to customise the controller even more and map the different buttons and controls to your liking.

Players can also use the software to create macros – a long sequence and actions to a single button.

The SN30 Pro 2 also has modifiable vibration as well as a 6-axis sensor so it offers motion control as well.

Users can also create three different profiles to suit specific games which you can toggle through the central profile button between the thumb sticks.

We played Asphalt on our iMac and we had the same level of control as if we were playing our PlayStation or Xbox.

The onboard rechargeable 1000mah battery is good for up to 20 hours of gameplay when used wirelessly and takes up to four hours to recharge.

The battery compartment can be opened and players can also choose to replace the rechargeable battery with two AA batteries if you need to.

Whether you’re playing games on the Switch, your Mac or PC or on Android and online with Steam – it’s the same controller you can have in your hand.

Instead of buying multiple controllers now you need to only buy one – and that’s the 8BitDo SN30 Pro 2 – which is available now in white, grey or black for $89.95.