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Planning to launch a Digital Marketing Campaign? Here’s how to do it


Every business that isn’t using Digital Marketing in today’s day and age is missing on a host of opportunities that the internet has to offer. Every business today requires digital marketing to get customers, leads and top brand positioning. And all this is absolutely possible by implementing a solid digital marketing campaign for your business.

To break it down, your campaign should be created with a focus on brand awareness, follower growth, lead generation and conversions to multiply your profits. These points will require your business to hold the top position in Google search engines. Then creating an impressive marketing plan to push the potential customers to purchase or hire your product/service.

These steps are often interdependent and require the expertise of an agency such as Blurn to maximise commercial growth. Don’t break a sweat, we’ve put together the basic questions you need to answer to create an impactful digital marketing campaign.

What is your target market?

You cannot create a marketing campaign based on other businesses. You need to research and define who your target market is. You can even start by checking competitor’s websites to see whom they are targeting. Think beyond their list of audience and try to find out a target that might be a niche in your market to get an upper hand while implementing the campaign.

If you have an existing website, analyse the current customers to find out who is interested in your products/services. Another way to find out the potential targets is by creating a survey on your own or hiring an accomplished digital marketing company to research for you.

Who is your target customer?

Once you know the target market for your business, you will have to understand who your ideal customer is and what they need from you. The best way to do so is to create Buyer Personas and describe them in detail. Add their age, sex, annual income, family situation, likes and dislikes. This will help you understand your average target customers and learn their online behaviours. This step might involve the creation of multiple buyer personas to ensure you have covered all corners to move on to the next question.

What is your budget?

Any digital marketing campaign will need clarity of your budget. Even if it seems to be very basic, it’s one of the most overlooked questions that digital marketers forget to ask. Simply work on your marketing budget and check how much you are willing to pay for digital marketing. Take your time and create a realistic budget. Your marketing efforts will be based on the resources you allocate for the budget. Even though digital marketing is the cheapest form of advertising, every channel under your campaign might require a varied amount of investment depending on your profit targets.

Digital marketing is an on-going process that needs a smart distribution of your money. The best way to work with the allocated budget is to get an agency such as Blurn that has the ability to provide significant profit at fraction of a cost.

Which channels suit your business?

There are a lot of channels under digital marketing including Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and more. As per the solutions of the above questions, you will need to select and utilise the key channels that will specifically help your business. You can start by creating a social media channel that helps in brand awareness and a search engine optimisation campaign to help your business get top rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing.

One of the most important things you should know that no one single channel can get you attractive results. Instead, you will need to combine two or more of these digital marketing channels to get the maximum out of your efforts and investment. If you are hiring a digital marketing agency, you can clearly define your goals and let them provide you with a strategy involving the channels best suited for your products/services.

Let’s go through some of the most important channels to understand how they work.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is used to optimise your website content, blogs and social media posts to get the top ranking on search engines. For this channel, you will need to identify the keywords that are relevant to your business. Keyword research helps in identifying potential keywords that your customers are using to search the internet. This process is also helpful if you plan on running Google Ads as a part of your digital marketing campaign.

When you perform the keyword research, check for the most popular keywords associated with your business and how they are utilised by your competitors. Also, find out the keywords that have a high probability of search but has low competition. You will need to compare all of them and come up with a content plan to use these in your title, meta descriptions, H1 tag, images alt tags and the main copy.

2> Social Media Marketing

Under this channel you will have to distinctively work on two major strategies, building a brand awareness campaign for your business and use social media ads to promote your products/services with targeted marketing. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are popular in promoting your brand.

To create a brand awareness campaign, you will need to generate attractive posts that your targeted audience can connect with and starts following you. The key idea is to get them on your website by generating leads and convert them into potential customers. Engage your target audience with posts that are trending and also involve them on multiple levels with contests, quiz, etc. Another aspect of social media management is a customer relationship and reputation management. You need to have a dedicated person to respond to your customers and even resolve their queries to win their confidence.

For social media advertising, you will need to come up with innovative ways of advertisement to engage your audience. Every social media platform, especially Facebook provides you with the option to define the objective of your ad campaign and define a budget to promote it. You can start the campaign by creating an audience for your ad, upload images and copy that resonates with your audience.

3> Email and SMS Marketing

When done right, email and SMS marketing can generate a lot of incoming traffic to your website. The best part about this campaign is that you can gain a subscriber base via every other channel where your target audience chooses to keep themselves updated. Email campaigns with attractive designs and copies have a great impact on your customers.

Nothing works even better than creating special offers and news that is personalised to a particular audience. You don’t require manual work to do so since there are many automated applications available to do your job. You can simply create templates in these systems to send out emails and SMS on various triggers. Timely triggers will help you send out emails at regular intervals to ensure that your target audience and customers do not forget about your brand.

4> Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the best ways to grab the attention of your audience. With today’s fast-paced internet speed, it is easy to stream videos and thus becoming a popular format for digital advertising. You can create videos of basic DIY, informative, interviews and unboxing of your products to keep the customers interested. Ad campaigns on YouTube can also be highly effective if placed smartly.

5> Remarketing (Retargeting)

Remarketing or Retargeting is the best way to gain the attention of leads that you might have otherwise lost. When someone browses for your product and services but leaves without making a purchase, you can target them using all the advertising mediums such as Google Adwords, Emails, In-App ad and social media ads.

To attract these customers, you can automate a system that provides them personalised voucher, discounts and more. This makes the potential customers feel they are important in your eye and might convert into a customer.

5> Blogging

Digital marketing works on content, content and content. There is no way you can avoid the significance of blogging as a part of your digital marketing campaign. Blogging helps your search engine optimisation channel by using the right keywords in order to sit on the top of search engine rankings. Another advantage of a well-crafted blog is that it can engage the audience and make them a regular visitor to your website. In a way, if they like your content, the chances of them purchasing or hiring your products/services increases even more.

Write these blogs as answers to potential customer’s questions, their requirements and provide information regarding the newest products and services that are helpful for them. Blogs should be written on a consistent basis so you don’t lose out on your audience.

These are just a few of the top channels that can be used to successfully launch a digital marketing campaign. We recommend that you talk to few digital marketing that offers free consultation and analysis such as Blurn Australia to ensure you make the get the bang out of your buck.