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Norton’s Game Optimiser can improve your computer’s performance by 30 per cent


When you’re an online gamer, you are always trying to find the edge on your opponents and the new Norton Game Optimiser has been found to improve your computer’s performance by up to a massive 30 per cent.

Independent testing conducted by Passmark Software compared the Norton Game Optimiser against similar competitor products and found it improved CPU performance by up to 30 per cent.

Game Optimiser is part of the Norton 360 for Gamers package and can reduce performance interruptions while still maintaining the level of security you expect from NortonLifeLock.

It also includes already included anti-virus protection, Secure VPN, password manager and secure cloud storage

The smoother gaming experience is achieved by freeing power hungry programmes to a single CPU core.

Game Optimiser ensures all available computing power is allocated to the game for even better performance.

Another added benefit in Norton 360 for Gamers is being able to optimise notifications and permanently silenced nonessential messages so you’re not distracted from the game.

During testing by PassMark Software a score was assigned depending on the ranking of the average FPS (frames per second) metric when playing five common PC games.

Other tasks were also running in the background for the comparison.

The Norton Game Optimiser achieved the highest possible score of 30 and was found to improve frame rate performance in games in some scenarios even when high CPU activities were running in the background.

Competitor products Webroot Secure and Anywhere AntiVirus for PC came in second with 20 points while McAfee Game Security scored 15.

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