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New espressoFlow software can ramp up your productivity and creativity

Australian success story Espresso has released a new and vastly improved version of espressoFlow – its productivity and collaboration software which is designed to increase your workflow and creativity.

We know Espresso from its brilliant 13-inch and 15-inch portable displays that can expand your screen real estate anywhere.

But its new free espressoFlow software can take your productivity to another level.

There are several new features with the upgrade including pressure and tilt sensitivity on macOS when drawing on a screen – this was an existing feature on windows.

Espresso has also released espressoCreator, which is a textured screen protector to provide a realistic drawing experience that feels like pen on paper.

With espressoFlow, customers can combine it with the company’s hardware so they can be used as a portable external monitor, a drawing tablet or interactive display – or all those things at different times.

 “We’re creating products to enable productivity and creativity in the workplace,” says Espresso co-founder and CEO, Will Scuderi.

“We’ve seen the impact of our products enabling people to work from anywhere with a multi-screen workspace.

“Now we’re taking that experience further with high performance drawing capabilities and

windows management tools.”

One thing we’ve learned over the last couple of years is that customers have gotten used to working from anywhere while still being able to cope with their everyday workflows.

espressoFlow has a range of features and use cases that can improve the way you work.

Having a powerful external touch screen, like the Espresso displays, has enabled users to shift to remote or hybrid ways of working.

Being able to interact with an external touchscreen display has been a game changer especially for those creative customers working on desktop Macs and MacBooks which don’t have a touch screen.

The Espresso display external monitor, with espressoFlow, is now a powerful collaboration tool.

So instead of using it as a second screen, it can be used as a drawing tablet for personal use or as a virtual whiteboard in the middle of a video call to provide real-time feedback on collaboration tools auto mark-up documents.

Being able to markup documents can also save workplaces a lot of time and reduce the amount of paper they use.

Creative users can now use tools like Adobe illustrator without the need to use a separate device like an iPad.

The release of espressoFlow means the display can be a dual-use productivity tool for multiscreen and drawing workflows.

It also brings with it windows management and productivity tools including Windows Snapping – to easily shift to full or half screens (this exists on Windows and new to Mac) and Workspace Launcher – a shortcut that will instantly arrange all your windows and applications to suit the task you need to complete or the meeting you need to attend.

You can download espressoFlow for free now.