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Netgear unveils the first Wi-Fi 7 router that’s more than twice as fast as Wi-Fi 6

Netgear has introduced the first Wi-Fi 7 router which can achieve speeds of up to 19Gbps – that’s more than double the speed of the previous generation.

The Netgear Nighthawk RS700S router was built with more than 25 years of wi-fi expertise to meet the growing needs of connected homes.

Our demands on our wireless networks are higher than ever as we stream 4K and 8K video, take part in high definition video calls, work from home, play online games and experience cutting edge AR and VR applications.

The tri-band Netgear Nighthawk RS700S Wi-Fi 7 router is powered by Broadcom’s BCM6726/3 Wi-Fi 7 System on a Chip (SoC) to achieve speeds up to 19Gbps.

The tri-band router not only increases speed but also dramatically reduces latency in real-time responsiveness to ensure smoother streaming video calls and gaming experiences.

Also onboard the router is a 10Gb internet port to support the fastest internet speeds along with four 1Gb LAN ports for faster and flexible wired connections.

The Nighthawk RS700S router has a slim chassis and includes high performance antennas for 360-degrees of coverage with support for up to 200 devices simultaneously connected throughout the home.

The 3D antenna design maximises coverage for larger multi-story homes while the radio frequency circuits push Wi-Fi range out to 325 square metres.

The router’s smaller footprint and slim profile can fit discreetly on a bookshelf or desktop.

“With the launch of our Nighthawk RS700S Router, we’re setting the pace for adoption of the next generation wi-fi,” said David Henry, president & GM of Connected Home Products and Services at NETGEAR.

“The RS700 is purposefully constructed for the highest possible performance. We’ve deployed our decades of RF expertise to maximise antenna range within a compact design that minimises interference while fitting flawlessly into any home environment.”

The new Netgear router also has link aggregation for simultaneous multi-gig Internet and LAN access.

Users can also connect a USB hard drive to create network attached storage and provide large file backups as well as sharing high quality media on the network.

The RS700S also comes with one year of Netgear ARMOR powered by Bitdefender to provide added security for all your connected devices.

The Netgear Nighthawk Wi-Fi 7 Tri-Band Router RS700S is available now at and major retailers and is priced at $1,499.

Technical specifications:

– 320MHz high-capacity channels & 4K QAM  New, ultra-wide bandwidth means 2.4x the speed to your connected devices. WiFi 7 smartphones and laptops can get speeds up to 5Gbps.

– Multi-Link Operation  Uses multiple wi-fi bands at once to improve network reliability, reduce latency, and ensure data is delivered with maximum speed.

– Lower latency  Dramatically upgrades gaming and interactive online experiences and opens the door for immersive next-gen AR and VR.

– More Capacity for Data-Intense Activities – Connect up to 200 devices, such as security cameras, smart home devices, and speakers, while enjoying 4K/8K video streaming, online gaming and HD video conferencing.

– Multi-Gig Speeds with 10GbE Internet Port – Use the 10 Gig internet port for cable and fibre plans up to 10Gbps. Compatible with any internet service provider.

– More wired ports on every device – Plug in wired devices to improve performance via a 10Gbps and four 1Gbps LAN ports.