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Nearly half of Australia’s businesses not backing up data effectively

seagatenasbackup2Nearly half of Australian businesses have lost files because they were not backed up effectively, according to the latest research from storage company Seagate.

The study shows 45 per cent of Australian businesses have lost work while 17 per cent have lost files, photos and documents more than once.

The most common excuse for not having adequate backup is lack of time (38 per cent) and lack of knowledge about the technology (20 per cent).

And it’s costing serious money as well with these businesses losing between and three and 10 per cent of revenue as well as tarnishing their reputations.

Surprisingly 13 per cent of small business owners admitted they’d backed up work to an internal drive on their computer while 55 per cent said they plug in an external drive to a computer.

But on the bright side, 50 per cent of businesses are upgrading to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution to protect from future data losses.

“It is fascinating to see that so many businesses are relying on the hope that their technology will not fail them when simple and cost effective solutions can be put in place to help support their growth and ultimate survival without the need for dedicated IT resources,” says BanSeng Teh, senior vice president and managing director of Seagate Asia Pacific and Japan.

Some of the Seagate Network Attach Storage (NAS) solutions

“We’re keen to educate small business on how to improve their IT practices and hopefully this research will provide a timely reminder for them to develop best practice data protection solutions.”

A NAS storage solution can back up all of the devices on your network.

And with a RAID (redundant array of independent disks) set-up on your NAS it is possible to even create a back up of your back ups for complete protection.

Seagate has five NAS solutions that range from 2TB to 24TB and are suitable for home offices and small businesses with up to 50 employees.

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