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Microsoft unveils new Surface range including dual-screen folding devices

Microsoft has unveiled a stunning new line up of Surface products – including two new dual screen devices – which will be released in the next month in time for the Christmas rush.

All of the new Surface products were unveiled in New York by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella who outlined a vision to remove the distinction between a tablet and a laptop.

There are five new major products in the range – Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X, Surface Neo and Surface Duo.

The Surface Neo and Surface Duo folding devices will be running the new Windows 10X operating system designed for dual screen PCs.

Neo and Duo won’t be available until Christmas 2020 but by then other partners in the Windows ecosystem including ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo will also be coming up with their first wave of devices as well.


This is a dual screen productivity device which will run Windows 10X.

It has a 360-degree hinge that connects two 9-inch screens which makes it adaptable to any situation.

When opened up completely you will have a full 13-inch display with the thinnest LCD in its class.

With this much screen real estate, naturally the device will be suitable for productivity and multitasking.

It also has a removable keyboard which, when placed on the screen, provides a tactile typing experience.

It will also be compatible with the Surface Pen and a Bluetooth mouse.


This is the first Surface that can fit in your pocket.

It is made up of two paper-thin 5.6 inch screens that, when unfolded, offers an 8.3 inch display area.

Duo will combine both Android for apps and Windows for productivity into a single device.

And just like its larger cousin, Surface Neo, it can also be used in a variety of modes to suit the way you want to use it.

And, yes, it is also a phone.


The Surface Laptop 3 is now available in two sizes – 13.5 inches and 15 inches – and is powered by the new 10th Generation Intel Core processor.

It will come new colours including Sandstone and Cobalt and has a sleek machined aluminium all-metal finish.

It has both USB-A and USB-C ports and also supports fast charging so you can charge the battery to 80 per cent in just an hour.

Also on board are improved front facing cameras, OmniSonic speakers and dual far field studio mics for clear sound and audio when you’re on a call, listening to music or watching a movie.

Pricing starts at $1,699 (13.5-inch) and $1,990 (15-inch).


The Surface Pro 7 is now powered by the new 10th Generation Intel Core processor and retains the iconic design that has become popular with customers and business users.

It has both USB-A and USB-C ports on board and an all-day battery.

It will be available for preorder now and goes on sale on October 22 with prices starting at $1,249.


The Surface Pro X is the thinnest, lightest and most powerful Surface Pro ever at just 5.33mm thick.

It also has bezels that are 33 per cent thinner to give users the feel of a 13-inch edge to edge touchscreen in the chassis of a 12-inch device.

The new Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard also has room for pen docking and charging.

Surface Pro X is available for preorder now and will go on sale on November 19 starting at $1,699.


Microsoft also announced the new Surface Earbuds – wire free earphones that offer touch and voice controls for music and calls.

They will have all day battery life and come with a charging case. They are priced at $US249 which will make them well over $300 in Australia.