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Logitech releases rechargeable student stylus to work with Chromebooks

Logitech has released a new product ideal for students and educators – the Logitech Pen – a new stylus that works with touchscreen Chromebooks.

Logitech Pen has a comfortable silicone grip and is sized to suit children at all stages of motor development.

It has an active tip with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity so students can interact with content and create their own content more accurately.

Logitech Pen works with touchscreen Chromebooks that support USI (universal stylus support) standards and is also Works With Chromebook certified.

The device is also built to withstand daily use with spill proof and military grade drop protection from a height of 1.2m.

Logitech Pen can be charged with the same USB-C charger that powers the Chromebook.

When full charged, the Logitech Pen will last for up to 15 days.

“When it comes to students retaining what they learn, research shows the act of physically annotating during lessons makes a significant difference,” says Michele Hermann, Vice President of Mobility and Head of Education Solutions at Logitech.

“Given that students and educators are increasingly using Chromebooks as an everyday tool in schools and at home, we created the Logitech Pen to unlock the full potential of Chromebooks in the virtual and physical classroom.

“The Logitech Pen has been designed in collaboration with students and educators and is notably transforming how students utilise their Chromebooks.

“It enhances these devices to become more essential tools in active learning through annotation, sketching, and note taking, which are proven to increase comprehension and retention.”

The Logitech Pen will be priced at $119.95 when it is released in March 2022.