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Lenovo introduces a ThinkBook laptop with a transparent screen and keyboard

Lenovo has introduced a new ground-breaking concept product – the ThinkBook Transparent Display laptop – which can completely change the way we interact and create with our computer.

Introduced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display laptop concept includes a 17.3-inch micro LED see-through screen.

It is reminiscent of the displays seen in films like Minority Report and Avatar.

It has a borderless screen as well as a transparent keyboard area.

The transparency of the laptop means it can naturally integrate within its environment.

Users can also switch between the keyboard and drawing board with the supported pen to take your creativity in an all-new direction.

And with AI under the hood the transparent displays will provide new and different ways of engaging with data and applications.

The transparent screen still offers high colour saturation and impressive contrast with up to 1000 nit brightness so it could be used in any setting – inside and out.

The transparent screen is useful for not only displaying videos and images but also blending digital content into the surroundings we can see through the clear display.

Lenovo says it’s also developing software to reinstate the background of the display if you no longer wanted to look through the screen and turn it into a regular display.

The on-hand prototype in Barcelona was able to display web pages, play videos and navigate the Windows interface.

Also onboard is a rear facing camera which allows the laptop to scan people and objects and interact with them on the transparent display.

The keyboard displayed on the lower half of the transparent laptop is actually a projection that users can interact with if they need to type or use the trackpad.

The keyboard disappears when a stylus is brought towards the surface to make way for whatever you want to sketch.