Modern technology gives us many things.

Laser reveals an interesting snapshot of Australia’s current affordable tech trends

Laser has become an Australian consumer electronics success story and has been offering affordable products for customers for more than 36 years.

At a time when Australians are trying to balance cost of living pressures, the demand for quality yet affordable tech has not gone away.

Laser sells more than 800 products across 20 categories.

This week the company revealed its 10 most popular products sold in Australia through Amazon and it does reveal some remarkable insights.

These include multi-region DVD and Blu-ray players, a CD boombox, kid-friendly headphones, smart light bulbs, gaming keyboard and mouse and a wireless CarPlay and Android Auto touchscreen.

So what does this tell us?

First of all, physical media is still alive and well with DVD and Blu-ray players not only maintaining sales levels but also increasing more recently.

In fact, physical media makes up four of Laser’s top 10 and the top three items sold.

This shows we’re still connected to our DVD and Blu ray movie collections and our favourite music CDs.

Despite the availability of movies on streaming services, customers are still in favour of owning their favourite movies which they can view anytime and repeat at the same quality at any time.

If a customer owns a movie, they’re not at the mercy of the streaming services who seasonally remove titles from their platform.

The smart home is also becoming even more mainstream with Laser selling smart home light bulbs online and through traditional retailers for as little as $10.

The affordability of Laser’s smart products offers Australians an opportunity to adopt smart devices for the first time without breaking the bank with a view to expand their smart home network in the future.

Kids love their tech as well, but adults also love their peace and quiet which is why affordable kids headphones are among Laser’s most popular products.

Affordable gaming technology is also popular with kids and Laser offers gear like gaming keyboards and mice that improves their game-play experience.

One of the more recent product releases is Laser’s portable in-car touchscreen that can bring Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto to older vehicles and allow drivers to enjoy hands-free access to mapping, music and podcasts while they’re driving.

“As a trusted Australian brand, we’re really proud of how we’ve stayed close to Australians wants and needs, able to help them try out new tech for less, at the same time as keeping everyday essentials affordable, accessible and quality assured,” said Chris Lau, Managing Director of Laser Corporation.

“Given our position in the market, I believe that our top 10 best sellers on Amazon give an insight into what Australians are really seeking at the moment, and what they are comfortable buying online.

“More considered purchases and new technology are more likely to be explored through our traditional instore retail partners, who play a critical role in introducing new technology into Australia.

“It is also interesting to see how online purchases have changed, as it wasn’t that long ago that our top online sellers were affordable party speakers, soundbars and other AV products.”

LASER’s Top 10 Most-Shopped Products on Amazon this month:

1. LASER DVD Player Multi-Region – HDMI, Composite Video and USB | RRP $49.95

2. LASER CD Boombox with AM/FM Radio | RRP $49.95

3. LASER Blu-Ray Player with Multi Region HDMI Digital 7.1 | RRP $129.95

(back in stock from the week of April 1)

4. LASER Headphones Stereo Kid Friendly | RRP $9.95

5. LASER Smart White Bulb| RRP $10

6. LASER Earbud Headphones | RRP $5.95

7. LASER Portable Walkman CD/MP3 Player with Anti-Skip Tech & Headphones | RRP $49.95

8. LASER PC Gaming RGB LED Full Size Wired Keyboard | RRP $29.95

9. LASER ANC Kids Wireless Headphones | RRP $29.95

10. LASER Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Touchscreen | RRP $169.95