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If you’re buying the iPhone 15 – Belkin has got your USB-C needs covered

An important part of Apple’s latest iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro announcements is the change to USB-C charging which will be a first for many customers who’ve only ever used an iPhone.

Belkin was on the frontline in developing the USB-C standard and has also been instrumental in educating customers on the format and how it can connect, power and enhance productivity on the move.

Before Apple’s announcement, Belkin already had a line-up of USB-C products including cables, wall chargers and stands.

Belkin also has a wide range of products that works with Apple’s MagSafe technology.

It’s been 11 years since Apple adopted its proprietary Lightning charging technology and, while Apple made no mention of this during its Wanderlust launch event last week, the switch to USB-C was to comply with a directive from the European Union that all smartphones sold in Europe should have the same charging port.

USB-C got the gig because every other smartphone at the time of that decision being made already had USB-C onboard.

And none of these global brands, Apple included, make a device just for Europe. Instead they manufacture a product for the entire world.

The EU directive had a 2024 deadline, but Apple has decided to move across a year early.

Apple has already transitioned its entire iPad line-up to USB-C charging and already has USB-C/Thunderbolt ports on its Mac computers.

But Apple adopting USB-C with the iPhone 15 has certainly brought it back into the spotlight.

Many will need to learn about the versatility of USB-C and Belkin has a resources page on its website that explains all aspects of the technology.

USB-C is a reversible connector (just like the old Lightning) so you can plug it in any way you want.

And it is now truly universal now that Apple has adopted USB-C on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro which go on sale this week.

On the performance side, USB-C can deliver up to 10Gbps data transfer – that’s 20 times faster than USB 2.0.

With power delivery, USB-C offers up to 100W and can charge phones, laptops and tablets and connect 4K Ultra HD monitors with the capacity to deliver content to USB-C and HDMI displays that is four times the resolution of full high definition.

Here are some of the latest Belkin USB-C products:

BoostCharge Pro USB-C Wall Charger with PPS 60W – $59.95

Users can safely charge two devices at once including fast charging iPhone 15, iPad, and other compatible devices with our powerful USB-C Wall Charger with PPS 60W.

BoostCharge USB-C Cable – From $19.95

Belkin’s USB-C cables come in 1m and 2m lengths.

Belkin’s is the world’s No 1 provider of USB-C cables so users can stay charged, synced, and connected. Belkin’s cables have been tested to withstand 25,000+ bends, these USB-C cables are built for a long lifespan and will work with any standard USB-C port. They’re also USB-IF certified for safe and seamless performance with all your devices. 

BoostCharge Braided USB-C to USB-C Cable – $24.95

This is an even sturdier USB-C cable which has been tested to withstand 30,000+ bends so they are built to last.