Modern technology gives us many things.

HP’s Instant Ink service delivers to your door so you’ll never run out of ink again


HP has launched Australia’s first ink subscription service – Instant Ink – which delivers new ink cartridges to your door even before you need it so you’re never left high and dry and unable to print.

We’ve all been there – you or your child have to print out a document for a meeting, presentation or an assignment – and you discover there’s no ink left.

You dash to the store and hope they have the cartridge you need but if it’s late at night and the stores are closed then you might be out of luck.

There are now more people working and learning from home since the start of the COVID pandemic and at-home printing has also taken a leap.

But it’s not just work and school projects that are being printed.

Many people also like to print recipes that they find online as well.

HP has partnered with celebrity TV chef Manu Feildel to celebrate Australia’s treasured family recipes with easy printing and Instant Ink.

Manu says he likes to cook with a print out of the recipe so he can understand the frustration of running out of ink at the wrong time.

With Instant Ink this will never be an issue and you can also save yourself up to 50 per cent on your ink costs.

Original HP ink will be delivered to your door before you run out so you’ll never have to bolt to the store and work out your printer model number and the cartridge you need.

Instant Ink also has flexible pricing from less than $2 a month based on the number of pages you print on average.

Instant Ink customer receive high volume cartridges that last longer and you also return used cartridges so they can be recycled when you’re done.

“Our home and office needs are continuing to change as we embrace hybrid working and learning, and this is seeing a surge in the demand for printing at home,” says Paul Gracey, Director of Printing Systems, HP Australia and New Zealand.

“Instant Ink means we’ll no longer experience the dreaded ‘ink emergencies,’ with ink delivered straight to our doors well before running out.

HP printers compatible with the new Instant Ink service

“Instant Ink is bringing a level of flexibility never seen in printing, and we’re proud to bring this to Australia.”

Users can check if their HP printer is eligible to sign up for the Instant Ink by visiting with Australians able to take up a free two month trial when they buy a new HP printer and sign up out of the box.

There is no annual fee and no lock in contracts with the service and you can change your subscription at any time.

Once you begin your subscription, HP’s smart technology will work out the ideal delivery window and ensure there is ink there before you need it.

Plans start at $1.99 a month for someone who prints about 15 pages a month and goes up to $5.99 for the household that goes through 50 pages a month.

For busy households and small businesses the $9.99 a month plan has you covered for 100 pages a month with plans also available at $19.99 (300 pages) and $39.99 (700 pages).

The plans also have a rollover as well so pages you have printed in one month can go into the next month’s total.

HP’s Instant Ink is available now.