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How to save your computer from Internet Doomsday


doomsdaythumbMillions of users worldwide are facing “Internet Doomsday” on Monday and will be taken offline as a result of virus that may have infected their computers up to a year ago.

The DNSChanger malware was created and released by Estonian cyber criminals to direct millions of computers to fraudulent websites.

DNS – Domain Name System – is the service which translates domain names like, for example, to a numerical address and allows computers to connect to one another.

Computers corrupted with the DNSChanger are at the mercy of the Estonian hackers and control their DNS for criminal activity.

The FBI, after obtaining a court order, are authorizing a complete shutdown the infected servers on July 9.

Users who have not detected and removed the DNSChanger malware when the shutdown takes places will lose their internet connection.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) estimates there could be more than 6000 computers affected in Australia.

ACMA is warning users to check if their computers have been infected.

Internet security company McAfee has released a free tool to run a check of your computer to detect of the malware is installed. It can be accessed at

And if an infection is detected, the website can offer a free solution to restore your internet settings.

“Identifying and changing these settings manually can be difficult,” said Vincent Weafer, senior vice president, McAfee Labs. 

“By providing a free tool that walks them through the process, we’re making it easy for consumers to fix their settings and stay connected.

“For us, this is part of our relentless focus on protecting and liberating consumers so that they may safely experience everything the Internet has to offer.” 

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