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Fuji Xerox’s Solid Ink technology eliminates expensive cartridges

solidink5Everyone knows how expensive printer cartridges can be and Fuji Xerox has launched the ColourQube 8900 printer that has done away with cartridges altogether.

Instead of cartridges the ColourQube 8900 multifunction device utilises Solid Ink colour technology.

The device uses Solid Ink sticks – they look like square crayons – that melt when printing to produce results which are as good, if not better, than a regular cartridge printer.

Print-related waste is reduced by 90 per cent when the cartridge is taken out of the equation along with a significant cost saving per page and ongoing operating costs.

The Fuji Xerox ColourQube8900 Solid Ink printer does use cartridges

Fuji Xerox’s Solid Ink technology enables high quality printing on any type of paper without the need to invest in expensive toner cartridges or multiple inkjet cartridges.

Having no cartridges also reduces the environmental impact of the ColourQube 8900.

The Solid Ink colour sticks - black, magenta, yellow and cyan

The Fuji Xerox Solid Ink stick

The Solid Ink colour sticks fit into a slot on the printer for drop-in loading which can be added even when the device is in operation.

And there is no compromise in print quality or speed with the Fuji Xerox ColourQube 8900 equally suited for use in the home or office.

The Solid Ink sticks can be dropped into the slots of the Fuji Xerox ColourQube 8900 even while it is in operation

Stay tuned for a full review of the Fuji Xerox ColourQube 8900 at Tech Guide in the coming weeks.

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