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eero 6 mesh wi-fi review – an easy way to improve wi-fi inside your home

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The eero 6 mesh wi-fi is an affordable solution to improve your wi-fi across your home that’s easy to set up and manage through the app.

Amazon have already given us Kindle e-readers and Echo smart speakers and now it’s offering a Wi-Fi 6 mesh router called eero to improve your home’s wireless network so it can handle our modern needs.

Streaming 4K content, playing online games and working and learning from home places a lot of demands on your wireless network.

The eero 6 is a three-pack mesh wi-fi router that can be set up in minutes to replace a flaky network with a more solid network that will blanket your home.

Priced at $499, customers receive a router and two add on units which can offer Wi-Fi 6 speeds of up to 500Mbps.

And if you have the latest smartphones and laptops which have Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, they’ll be able to stream data up to four times faster than the previous standard.

Each unit is quite small with a footprint smaller than a CD case so it’s no issue finding a place for them in your home.

For our review we connected the main unit to our NBN modem and placed one smaller unit in the middle of the bottom floor of our home and the other on the second level.

What was really impressive was how easily it was to set up.

It’s all guided through the eero app which links to each unit via Bluetooth through your smartphone to recognise them and pair them together.

The app then becomes your dashboard so you can see which rooms the units are located, their IP addresses and software versions and which devices are connected to your new network which you can easily name and set your own password.

You can also see how much data you’re using on your network and individually for each device.

What you don’t get with the satellites are Ethernet ports so you can’t connect other devices like smart TVs and gaming consoles that are nearby with a cable. They will only be able to connect wirelessly.

This eero system also doesn’t provide a big enough footprint if you live in a larger house so you might need to look at the eero Pro 6 or Netgear’s Orbi if you want more coverage across your home and into the front and back yards.

And the 500Mbps max speed is also suitable for most users but again more expensive units offer faster data speeds within your home network.

Once we installed the eero system we were consistently getting up to 100Mbps four tests in different locations in our home – two upstairs and two downstairs.

The system is dual band so ideal for connecting more than 75 products including smart lights, security cameras and smart doorbells.

For the ultimate test we used the eero network when we connected via Skype for our weekly tech segment on Sky News and it was smooth and clear.

And we were broadcasting the live feed from a DSLR and our audio through a professional microphone.

The other bonus is the built in Zigbee smart home hub so it makes it even easier to connect and control compatible smart products with your Amazon Alexa Echo smart speakers and smart displays.

The eero 6 three-pack is available now for $499.


The eero 6 mesh wi-fi is an affordable solution to improve your wi-fi across your home that’s easy to set up and manage through the app.