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Create your own cloud storage with Buffalo

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With so much talk about the cloud lately, Buffalo – a leader in direct and connected storage – has announced a solution to create your own cloud solution.

CloudStation is a hard drive which goes beyond just simple storage and also provides a portal to access your content from anywhere in the world.

With your own personal cloud storage solution, it’s easy to share and access your documents, music, pictures and videos securely. 

And unlike other cloud solutions, there are no service fees.

That’s because the CloudStation is connected to your home network through the router and thereby accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

It’s easy to set up CloudStation thanks to Buffalo’s automation of the whole networking process.

Simply connect it to your router with the supplied Ethernet cable, turn it on and create your own free at

Now users can not only safely back up their files but also access it from anywhere.

The Buffalo CloudStation CS-X

The files on Buffalo’s CloudStation can also be accessed via the mobile networks on a smartphone and tablet.  The device creates 3G-friendly versions of all your files so they can be quickly accessed with your mobile or tablet device.

CloudStation also provides many of the features of NAS (network attached storage) which means your files as just as easily accessible within your home network as it is from the other side of the world.

Buffalo’s CloudStation can also be accessed within the home on an internet-connected PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The Buffalo CloudStation is available in two versions.

The CS-X contains a single drive and is priced at $209 (1TB) and $259 (2TB).

The Pro-Duo CS-WV/R1 has two drives and is priced at $389 (2TB) and $639 (4TB).

Both models will be available in store on November 28.

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