Modern technology gives us many things.

The best tools to help you repair tech


Taking it upon yourself to repair, maintain and upgrade tech, such as a PC, is a great way to get value from it. To do so takes a little knowhow and it is also important that you are well prepared. With this in mind, here we take a look at the best tools to help you repair tech.

Probes and Testers

It is not uncommon to have to trace the route of a problem before it can be repaired – you are aware that there is a problem, but not entirely sure what that problem is. Using probes and tester to help with diagnostics can really speed up the repair process and so are paramount.

A Screwdriver Set

Let’s face facts, without a screwdriver set you aren’t going to get very far when it comes to working on your tech equipment. Just to get inside a PC you will need take out some screws and once inside there are a variety of screws in varying sizes that you may need to tackle.

Having a screwdriver set that contains tools of different diameters and lengths makes the process much less of a headache. Add to this a slimline torch, useful in all kinds of scenarios, tracking down runaway screws for example.

Pliers and Pinchers

In addition to a screwdriver set, any self-respecting tech repair fanatic has to have some pliers, pinchers and even maybe some wire strippers – we are not quite yet living in a completely wireless world. There are, of course, also hybrids and these come handy for jobs such as making network cables or replacing connectors.

And for reaching those snug spaces to pick up screws it is also worth considering investing in some needle nose pliers.

A Soldering Kit

For the more experienced, circuit board repairs may enter the equation and if this is the case then quality soldering tools are essential items. Removing and replacing the component parts of a circuit board is an exacting task and so finding an iron that isn’t too cumbersome is the thing to do – plus for safety and convenience look to get a stand for the iron.

A Swiss Army Knife

No matter how comprehensive your tool kit is, it’s amazing the amount of times you will turn to a Swiss Army Knife to help with repairs and maintenance, should you have one. They have a range of useful and compact tools, such as scissors that can prove to be invaluable.

Tape and Ties

For those who like to work tidy, the best practice involves having a stock of electrical tape and cable ties. This type of kit, whilst not absolutely essential, makes the whole business of repair and maintenance a whole lot easier.

You can build up your tech repair tool kit easily by shopping online, try checking out RS who have a comprehensive stock of both tools and components.