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Belkin’s new DuraTek Plus range are its toughest charging cables ever

The hardest working items in our tech lives are our charging cables and it’s important they are tough enough to handle our everyday needs like the new Belkin DuraTek Plus range.

The DuraTek Plus cables are Belkin’s strongest cable yet and is reinforced with aramid, a super strong material usually used to reinforce protective clothing and strengthen products like tennis racquets and surfboards.

Aramid is ideal for cables because it can strengthen and flex without stretching and protect the wires inside.

Duratek Plus USB-A to USB-C

On the outside of the cable is a hard wearing double braided nylon which can also resist wear and damage.

The point where the cable joins the connector head is made with flexible TPE and is longer than the connectors on other cables to add flexibility and to absorb stress.

This reinforces the junction between the cable and the connector head – a point of weakness on inferior cables – to prevent separation.

Belkin has also added a small leather strap to the cables to make it easier to store and keep it tangle free.

Duratek Plus USB-A to Lightning cable

Belkin has been making cables since 1983 when company founder and CEO Chet Pipkin started building tables on his parents dining room table to attach an Apple IIc to a printer.

That legacy continues with the new DuraTek Plus range.

“Strength is essential in a cable, so that they can endure the day to day challenges that we put them through,” said Stephanie Ogden, Managing Director, Belkin Australia.

Duratek Plus Lighting to USB-C cable

“We’re passionate about continuing to innovate in this space, and with DuraTek Plus we have managed to produce our strongest cable yet.

“Australians are just as passionate about design as they are functionality, so we have also re-designed the look and feel of the DuraTek Plus range with a leather strap for organisational convenience, as well as a new speckled design with two colour-ways for consumers to choose from.”

There are three cables in the range:

– DuraTek Plus Lightning to USB-A Cable with Strap – includes MFi certification to use with Apple products: $39.95 – available in white.

DuraTek Plus USB-C™ to USB-A Cable with Strap – available in 4ft, 6ft and 10ft lengths from $49.95 – available in black or white.

DuraTek Plus USB-C™ Cable with Lightning Connector + Strap: $39.95 available in black or white.