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Apple reveals new OS X Mavericks operating system for Mac

mavericksthumbApple has revealed its latest desktop operating system called OS X Mavericks which brings more than 200 new features to the MacBook and iMac computers.

Mavericks’ new features will include Finder Tabs, Tags, support for multiple displays, a new version of Safari, Maps and iBooks

This is the 10th major release of the OS X operating system and the first to not be named after a feline animal.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, jokingly displayed a slide at the Worldwide Developers Conference, where Mavericks was revealed, showing a Sea Lion.



The new features include:

OS X Mavericks allows users to create tabs in the Finder window


Finder Tabs allows users to consolidate several Finder windows into one and have a more organised desktop.

It’s easy to switch between tabs rather than trying to find different windows, as is the case with the current OS X version Mountain Lion.

Find documents and apps even easier with Tags


One easy way to keep related documents and applications together is with a tag and that’s exactly what OS X Mavericks delivers.

Users can choose a keyword to make it easier to group files together.

These tags can also be used with apps and also in iCloud so the search for documents is simplified across all of your devices.

OS X Mavericks will offer an enhanced multiple display experience


Working with multiple displays is even easier with OS X Mavericks and offers more flexibility than ever before.

Now there is no primary or secondary display with a menu bar on each screen and a dock also available on whichever screen you happen to be using.

And with AirPlay and Apple TV users can now make their high definition TV their display as well.

Maps have been introduced to the Mac with OS X Mavericks


Users can now explore their world from their desktop with the inclusion of Maps in OS X Mavericks.

Now it’s possible to get information about local areas of interest as well as point-to-point directions and real-time traffic conditions.

When you’re ready to hit the road you can also send your map and directions to your iPhone for voice-guided navigation.

Maps is also linked to your contacts, mail and calendar so you can see the location instead of just reading an address.

Now you don't have to struggle to remember different passwords with iCloud Keychain


Remembering passwords can be a real pain especially if you have a lot of them.

Now with iCloud Keychain they can be remembered for you across all of your devices easily and securely.

It uses AES 256-bit encryption and can also use generate hard to guess passwords for your online accounts.

iCloud Keychain can also be used to securely store your credit card information to make online purchases faster and easier.

Safari on OS X Mavericks will now include a sidebar to browse popular and shared links


Performance has improved with the latest version of Safari on OS X Mavericks.

It’s also easier to return to your favourite sites with a new Top Sites organisation system.

You can also discover new sites in a new Sidebar area of the browser which allows you to tap into your social networks to view all of the shared links.

Now you can enjoy your books on your Mac with OS X Mavericks


Readers will now be able to access the same books they have on their iPhone and iPad.

iBooks for Mac will give users the same easy view into the iBook Store as well as the same ability to read your favourite books on your MacBook or iMac.

And because your books are all stored in iCloud you will always know where you left off no matter what device you use to read the same book.


OS X Mavericks has streamlined notifications even further so you can know exactly what’s going on without leaving the task you’re working on.

The latest version of notifications means you can reply to messages, delete an email and respond to a FaceTime call without leaving the app you happen to be using.

If you return to your Mac after a short absence you’ll also see a summary of the notifications you missed and even receive alerts from websites even if the Safari browser is not running.

Apple has not specified a date for release for OS X Mavericks but it is likely to ship around August or September.

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