Modern technology gives us many things.

Animated videos and their importance to marketing

Choosing animated video over live action video can really take off the shackles and allow marketing departments to be creative in positioning a company and its benefits effectively.

There are no limits!

Animated video can cut across budget and the usual constraints involved with making a traditional live footage video. For starters, it’s easy (and cheap) to convey messages into visual form – a picture paints a thousand words as the old saying goes. While we’re not saying there’s no place for live action video (there certainly is), we’re saying that animated video represents a great starting point for companies looking to enter video for the first time.

Give your prospects the right information and confidence

Video, and marketing in general, is all about giving your customers and prospects the information about your products and services, and to convey the confidence that your firm is the one they should choose to do business with. By creating animated videos you can accomplish both goals in an interactive way and can balance the delivery of facts with fun and or style.

Whether you choose an animated character to represent your brand, or choose instead to focus on a specific product or service to promote, video is your canvas to convey what it is you’re offering and how it helps your customers to solve a pain point or achieve an objective.

Which type of animated video to choose?

2D or 3D are the options. Both serve a good purpose and depending on what you’re looking to achieve from your video your choice will vary. 2D videos are great at highlighting service benefits and showcasing products, whereas 3D animations can bring technical aspects of your products to life for example.

Either way, video is the current trend, and the future, and should form an integral part of your marketing efforts. A  professional animation video company can play a central role in your content creation plans and help you to incorporate video into your broader brand and marketing.

See how your audience responds

Video is a great way of entertaining and engaging your prospects while informing and educating them. Give them something fun and unique to watch, and it will not only help them imagine what your products and services could do for their firm, but also to remember your brand and to feel comfortable sharing and liking your content on social media to improve its reach and engagement levels.

Animated videos are especially effective at bringing more abstract things to life such as data, concepts or technologies, and you can seamlessly integrate pictures, icons and trend graphs to illustrate the concepts you’d otherwise be writing about.

Animated video also gives a great opportunity to match your company’s style to the type of video – is your company fun and light-hearted? Or is it more professional and serious? Either way, animated video is a relatively easy and cost-effective way of conveying this to the people you want to see it.