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7 Essential Tips to Get the Most from Your Gaming Laptop

In 2022, more than 17 million gaming laptops were manufactured. That’s more than 17 million happy gamers rejoicing thanks to their sparkling new devices. 

However, laptop computers don’t usually deliver the same performance as desktops. So, you need to ensure that your laptop is set up to provide a stellar gaming experience.

Here are seven easy steps to boost your gaming laptop performance. There are countless laptop brands, models, and OS variations, so we’ll share general tips suitable for all types of devices. 

1. Plug in Your Laptop While You Play

Some people don’t realize this, but the plug of a laptop doesn’t only charge the device. The energy source can actually dictate how the laptop operates. 

In some models, the absence of a charger forces the laptop to throttle performance to save power. While in others, the device GPU doesn’t have full functionality unless plugged in. 

You may notice a significant boost in performance by simply plugging your device into a wall socket whenever possible. 

2. Avoid Clogging the Ventilation System

As with all digital devices, laptops start losing performance power when they overheat. So, if your laptop sits on a soft surface that could block the vents, it will likely start lagging. 

You should avoid clogging the ventilation system of your laptop, even if it’s just temporary. Some laptops have vents at the bottom, on the side, or both. So, take the time to locate these to avoid blocking them.

3. Close Unused Background Apps

The most apps and programs you have running at the same time, the slower your laptop will be. This is true for all types of PCs, including those running on Windows, Mac, and open-source operating systems.

So, one of the best things you can do to get the most out of your laptop is to close all unused background apps. This includes web browsers like Chrome, which still runs scripts on your laptop even after closing all its windows. 

4. Check the Connection Speed

The minimum connection speed for online gaming is 5 Mbps. If your internet is slower than that, you run the risk of experiencing lag during gameplay. 

The stability of your connection will include the smoothness of the graphics and overall gameplay. Therefore, take a moment to check your internet speed and ensure that your connection meets the minimum requirement. 

You can use platforms like FAST to check your internet speed and stability for free. 

5. Bolster Your Cybersecurity 

Why is cybersecurity important to gaming performance? Because hard-to-notice frauds like ad injection can greatly slow down your computer. Other types of malicious software, like ransomware, can actually render your whole machine useless.

In these cases, taking steps like installing a VPN on your device can provide an extra layer of security. Make sure to download the VPN Chrome extension or your preferred browser’s equivalent, as this will make it easier to connect every single time before gaming.

Other security steps you can take include:

  • Create safe passwords;
  • Avoid sharing credentials;
  • Keep your OS updated;
  • Use multi-factor authentication where possible;
  • Don’t share any personal information with anyone online. 

6. Adjust All Settings for Performance

There are many settings on your laptop, including some related to performance, screen quality, and so on. In most of these cases, you have a choice: either toggle the settings for energy efficiency or performance. 

By adjusting your settings and ensuring they’re calibrated for performance, you’ll ensure your laptop is running as fast as possible. 

7. Get a Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptop cooling pads are basically large base-like podiums that come equipped with several fans. 

These fans improve ventilation and help distribute cool air in order to help reduce heat. This, in turn, can boost the performance of your laptop. 

It’s important to note that, for this to work, it’s best if the cooling pad fans align with some of your laptop vents. If this is the case, you may experience a significant improvement in performance. 


Your gaming laptop allows you to take on one of your favorite activities wherever you go. 

But, although it may be convenient, you need to ensure that your gaming PC is set up properly to have the best possible gaming experience. 

As long as you take steps like updating your machine’s operating system, adjustings its settings, and other actions listed above, you should be able to get the most out of your laptop.