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CASA releases new app to help drone pilots fly safely in the right areas

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has just released a new smartphone app to make it even easier to identify areas where you can and can’t fly a drone.

Can I Fly Here is a free app for iPhone and Android users and was created in partnership with specialist drone software company Drone Complier.

The app uses your location and identifies it on a map along with drone no-fly zones shaded in red – like close to airports – and fly-with caution-zones, where aircraft are known to fly at lower altitudes, coloured orange.

It is the first time an app has been released by the country’s safety regulators to help Australian drone pilots fly within the rules.

The app includes valuable information about airports and whether they have air traffic control services.

Users can see satellite photos of runway layouts along with information for uncontrolled aerodromes and aircraft landing areas.

Can I Fly Here also offers advice on what to do if you are flying near these areas.


You can also enter a location to find out whether it is safe to fly there as well.

The app can be used by drone pilots flying for fun or professionally with clear information and regulations based on the size and weight of the unmanned aerial vehicle.

Other useful features of the app include a seven-day weather forecast in your area and useful links to find out even more.


There is even a flight log so you can keep track of where, when and how long you’ve been flying.