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CASA issues fines for illegal drone flights at Easter egg hunt and celeb wedding


The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has issued more fines for illegal drone flights with pilots caught flying in restricted airspace and within 30m of people at an Easter egg hunt and a celebrity wedding.

One pilot who decided to fly his drone around Sydney Harbour and incurred a $1440 fine for not knowing it is a restricted airspace.

In Canberra, a group of children on an Easter egg hunt were put in danger by a drone according to CASA.

The drone safety rules state pilots must keep their craft at least 30m away from people and buildings.

In this instance, the drone was flown at a height that put the children at risk if there had been a malfunction or pilot error. It resulted in a $900 fine.

A guest at the celebrity wedding of Channel 9 personalities Sylvia Jeffries and Peter Stefanovic was also fined $900 after “hazardous flying at or near guests”.

The fine was issued after the person shared the drone footage on Instagram.

Pauline Hanson flying a DJI Mavic Pro last week in Townsville
Pauline Hanson flying a DJI Mavic Pro last week in Townsville

Unfortunately, ignorance is no defence when it comes to breaching drone safety rules.

CASA has even created its own app called Can I Fly There which can clearly show whether it is legal to fly in a particular location.

“The rules protect people, property and aircraft from drones,” said CASA Director of Aviation Safety, Shane Carmody said.

“If you fly a drone it is your responsibility to fly by the rules and stay safe at all times.”

Just last week controversial senator Pauline Hanson was filmed flying a drone near an apartment building seemingly in breach of safety rules.

The footage we shared on social media but soon taken down.

No fine has been issued to Ms Hanson.