Modern technology gives us many things.

CARS24 makes buying a used car as easy as any other online purchase

The way you buy a used car has changed with the launch of CARS24 – a start-up already valued at more than $1bn – which offers a streamlined online service you can navigate from your couch.

It makes buying a used car as easy as buying something on Amazon.

CARS24 has just completed a $US200m capital raise to commence its operation in Australia.

The company has set up physical operations in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney with plans to operate more widely in the eastern and southern states by the end of 2021.

This is a 100 per cent online service which allows customers to search through a large range of used cars.

“We buy everything online these days. Groceries, clothes, appliances. Why? It’s super easy – buy when it’s right for you, no need to leave home. You trust that you’ll have a good experience, with customer reviews and return policies if things don’t work out,” says CARS24 CEO Olga Rudenko

“When it comes to buying a car, there is still so much involved. You can certainly find cars online – but then you have to inspect them and hope that you won’t be duped.

“Either on price from dealerships or on their condition through private sellers, which can make the entire process very stressful.

“Being able to order a car in under five minutes with all the financing taken care of and ability to return within seven days at no cost is an absolute no brainer.

“We’re here to bring this new way of buying used cars to Australia.”

CARS24 own every car it sells so it’s not a matter of dealing with owners and haggling on a price.

There are more than a thousand cars on the site across more 200 mainstream models averaging five years old and 70,000 and a price of $25,000.

For added peace of mind, each car must pass a 300-point inspection to be offered for sale and each car also comes with a six-month warranty and 7-day test drive 100 per cent money back guarantee.

Cars are delivered to your door at a time and place of your choosing.

Pricing wise, CARS24 says it offers competitive prices with the majority priced below the average industry asking price.

The site offers 360-degree images and comprehensive information about each vehicle’s specifications and condition.

Customers can search for cars by brand, price range, style and usage.

For example, you can search for cars that suit a big family, are hybrid/ecofriendly, that suits a worker, that are pleasure to drive, convertibles and much more.

CARS24 also offers financing pre-approval in under 5 minutes from a variety of reputable lenders with competitive terms.