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Australia Tesla owners will now have an onboard web browser

Australian Tesla drivers will soon be able to browse web, watch YouTube and even stream Netflix when a web browser is added to the system in the next over-the-air software update.

Of course, the new browser and all its abilities, will only be accessible when the Tesla Model S, Model X and the new Model 3 in parked.

A browser has been available on Tesla vehicles in the US for some time and it is now being offered to Australian owners for the first time.

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The browser will be the latest feature added to the major Tesla Version 9 software.

Once it is installed, the Tesla vehicle will have to be in Park for the browser to work on the 17-inch (Model S and Model X) and 15-inch (Model 3) screens.

It is understood the browser will be a version of Google Chrome.

Having a browser will allow drivers to run Google searches, view and bookmark their favourite sites and also access online content through YouTube and Netflix – as confirmed in a recent tweet from Tesla boss Elon Musk.

This latest feature come after the addition of more games along with Sentry and Dog mode.