Modern technology gives us many things.

You can shoot 4K 360-degree video as easily as putting on a pair of glasses

Trying to record 360-degree video can take some effort – you need to hold a dedicated camera and hope you don’t get in the way but with Orbi it’s as easy as putting on a pair of glasses.

Slip on the Orbi glasses (they are sunglasses as well) and you’ve got four cameras in total without the need to worry about mounts or rigs.

There are two cameras in the front and two in the back – each of them with 1080p resolution.

And the cool thing about them is that you can combine the video of all four of the cameras and create a single 4K 360-degree video.

So now you can capture your footage handsfree which will appeal to travelers, adventurers, hikers and all lovers of sport.

The Orbi glasses have an internal memory with enough room for 60 minutes of recording.

They are also rated at IP64 water resistant and can be used rain, hail or shine.

Onboard the Orbi glasses are video-stitching capabilities that can easily take the video from each camera and intelligently put them together into a single 360-degree video with a combined 4K resolution.

There’s also wi-fi built-in so users can send recordings to the Orbi smartphone app and share their moments and content with their friends.

On the sunglasses side, the Orbi lenses are adaptive and polarized so you won’t have an issue with glare and you’ll also have UV protection.

The Orbi glasses can be preordered now for $US399.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of LG