Modern technology gives us many things.

Tech Guide is part of an exciting new lifestyle TV show called Living Proof

Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech is part of an exciting new lifestyle TV program called Living Proof which aims to inform and inspire viewers with engaging segments about technology, health and wellbeing, travel and fashion.

The show was commissioned by GemLife, one of Australia’s fastest growing over 50s lifestyle resort operators, which has created communities across NSW, Queensland and Victoria with more on the way.

Living Proof episodes will be released monthly on YouTube and are aimed at active Australians aged 50 and over who want to stay on top of life improving innovations, make the most of their leisure time and invest in their personal and financial health.

Episode One of Living Proof is available to view on YouTube right now.

The show is hosted by Leigh Muirhead and Michael Croaker and is filmed on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Each episode of Living Proof has a team of experts including Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech who presents useful information in the Tech Savvy section of the show covering subjects like internet security, smart TVs, digital wallets, smart home devices and getting the most out of your smartphone and smartphone plan.

The Hidden Gems segment is presented by Graham Moore, an actor and performer and passionate traveller, who helps you discover incredible travel destinations and special events.

In the Health Check segment, dietitian Carly Barlow tackles everything to help keep you fit and healthy and eating right.

Express Yourself is all about fashion and Tasha Homan, a personal stylist, takes you through the accessories, cosmetics, shoes and clothes that can help you give yourself a personal makeover.

Episodes of Living Proof will be released monthly on the GemLife channel.