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Sony magnifies your favourite films on Blu-ray Disc

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More than two million Australians have adopted Blu-ray Disc which offers five times the picture quality of DVD along with superior sound.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has responded to this growing trend by releasing classic and contemporary films in the full high definition format.

These releases will be Magnificent Movies Magnified and will include special packaging to highlight the benefits of viewing the movie on Blu-ray Disc.  

Included in the 22 titles in the range are Bridge on the River Kwai, Casino Royale, Taxi Driver, Black Hawk Down and District 9.

The films have been meticulously restored by a team of 25 Sony technicians to improve the picture and sound quality.

Magnificent Movies Magnified - Bridge on the River KwaiGlover Crisp, senior vice-president of Sony Pictures Film Restoration and Digital Mastering, says a film’s age is no barrier to looking its best on Blu-ray.

“This is not just technology for new films.  My team and I take movies from the Sony Library and restore them to their cinematic glory for release on Blu-ray,” he said.

“We want your favourite movie to look like it did the first time you saw it at the cinema. We want you to relive that excitement and feel the same sense of awe.

“Regardless of when your chosen movie was originally produced, Blu-ray technology instantly magnifies your movie experience.”

The full range of Sony’s Magnificent Movies Magnified can be seen here.

 Magnificent Movies Magnified - Casino Royale