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Lucasfilm confirms Star Wars Blu-ray audio changes

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Lucasfilm has confirmed with Tech Guide that audio and dialogue changes have been made to the Star Wars film due for release on Blu-ray on September 14.

But Lucasfilm denied the YouTube clips supposedly showing the changes were from the actual Blu-ray box set.

“These changes are accurate. I wouldn’t rely on any of the YouTube video circulating as reliable sources,” Lucasfilm told Tech Guide.  

“We hope the fans will see for themselves how the updates fit into the saga on Blu-ray before making any judgments.”

One of the most dramatic changes, confirmed in a direct email to Tech Guide by Lucasfilm, is Darth Vader saying “no” in the climactic scene in Return of the Jedi when Luke Skywalker is being attacked the Emperor.

Lucasfilm pointed out that the scene which has been posted to YouTube and labelled as the actual clip from the Blu-ray version of Return of the Jedi is actually just a fan interpretation of the change.

The Lucasfilm spokesperson confirmed this addition of the Vader “no” and the other changes we point out below but categorically denied the YouTube representations were taken from the Star Wars Blu-ray box set.

Other confirmed changes includes Obi-Wan Kenobi’s cry to startle the Sand People who have ambushed Luke Skywalker in the original 1977 film A New Hope.

The “Krayyt Dragon” call has been altered to a sound which is completely different.

Lucasfilm also confirmed with Tech Guide that viewers watching Return of the Jedi on Blu-ray will now notice the Ewoks can now blink.

In the original the Ewok costumes worn by the actors had static eyes.

Lucasfilm also confirmed a major visual change in Episode 1: The Phanton Menace with the puppet Yoda being replaced with a CGI version seen in Episodes II and III.

George Lucas has been know to make slight changes to the Star Wars films each time they are released on a different format.

When the original trilogy appeared on DVD for the first time back in 2003, there were numerous changes to reflect the flow of the storyline from the prequel trilogy which was currently in production.

The most noticeable changes were Boba Fett inheriting a New Zealand accent after Kiwi actor Temuera Morrison played Boba’s father Jango in Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

Other changes included Anakin’s Force ghost at the end of Return of the Jedi being replaced by Hayden Christensen who played Anakin in the prequels.

He replaced actor Sebastian Shaw who was revealed under Vader’s mask at the end of Return of the Jedi by Luke Skywalker.

In that particular scene, Shaw’s eyebrows were digitally removed to more accurately reflect the burn injuries he sustained to become the disfigured man behind the mask.

Star Wars: The Complete Saga will be released on Blu-ray Disc on September 14.

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