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Hoyts introduces D-BOX seats to add motion to the cinema experience

Hoyts cinemas will take entertainment immersion to the next level when it introduces motion recliner seats from D-BOX which will incorporate movement to the audio and visual experience.
The D-BOX seats are synchronised with the action on screen and the movement will reflect what’s happening.
For example, if the hero is in car chase, the D-BOX seat will vibrate and move to give the viewer the same physical experience.

It offers a whole new way to enjoy the latest blockbuster films and works in complete harmony with the vision and the audio.

Each seat will have its own control panel to allow the customer to completely control the experience and select the intensity of the movement from full power to low.

The seats also fully reclinable so you’re still getting the same level of comfort.

“We are very excited to deliver the new, fully immersive D-BOX experience to our guests, which is helping shape what is possible as part of our mission to create the cinema of the future,” says Damian Keogh, president and CEO of The Hoyts Group.

“At Hoyts, we believe that opening the door to innovation is the next step for the ultimate Australian cinema and are proud to be pioneering this technology for moviegoers across the country.”

The D-BOX seats are open now in three cinemas – Wetherill Park in Sydney and Northland and Highpoint in Melbourne.

The Hoyts Entertainment Quarter in Sydney will be the next cinema to feature D-BOX seating following a complete refurbishment of the complex.

Claude Mc Master, President and Chief Executive Officer at D-BOX, said: “We’re especially proud to partner with Hoyts because they have a well-deserved reputation for offering moviegoers an exceptional entertainment experience, so we know our immersive motion technology complements their commitment to deliver the best.”

The D-BOX technology is also available for home use with chairs and motion actuators available to provide movement to your existing furniture.

There are more than 1,400 titles which have been released on Blu-ray and 4K that include the D-BOX track to enable the experience at home.