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Two Blokes Talking Tech episode 142.3 live from CES South Hall


ces20133It’s Day Two of the CES in Las Vegas and Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech and Trevor Long, the Two Blokes Talking Tech, bring you another special daily episode.

Episode 142.3 comes to you live from the South Hall of the International Consumer Electronics Show where the blokes talk about the latest products they saw on Day Two.

These include the new Samsung smart TVs and the new Auto Depth Enhancer feature along with Hisense’s TV offerings.

Also on the show are Sony’s new Social Glasses which lets you see your latest social media updates through the glasses while you’re watching TV like a heads up display.

Trevor chats about a tiny device that brings tactile control to touchscreen games while Stephen discovers a new iSwimband device that can prevent child drownings.

The blokes also talk about the many drones on the show stands, a iPad for the toilet, tiny Bluetooth speakers and a voice bridge to transfer landline calls your mobile.

Stephen wraps up the show with another discovery from the South Hall – a watch phone called OMate. It’s now a smartwatch – it’s a phone and has its own SIM card.

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