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Two Blokes Talking Tech entertain and inform in Episode 145


podcastthumbTwo Blokes Talking Tech, Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech and Trevor Long, bring you episode 145 of the top-rating podcast for the latest tech news and reviews.

On this week’s show, the blokes talk about Facebook’s 10th birthday and how the social media site has evolved into the giant it is today.

Also on the agenda, mobile users are leaving their operators to find a better deal, Officeworks have begun selling 3D printers and Google releases the HP Chromebook 11.

Apple has shot a celebration film for the Mac 30th anniversary entirely on iPhones in 15 locations around the world in a single day, Alcatel OneTouch unveils its impressive and affordable range of smartphones and tablets and smartphone accessory Scentee lets you smell your notifications.

In the one-minute reviews Stephen takes a look at the Sony Vaio Fit multi-flip PC that’s both a laptop and a tablet and Mobile Home – the device that allows users to safely use the iPhone’s Siri while driving.

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