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Tune in to Episode 39 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast


tg-pod-cast-v2Tune in to Episode 39 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast, hosted by editor Stephen Fenech, to stay up to date with the latest tech news and reviews.

In this week’s packed show we kick off with a look at the IT Pricing inquiry before parliament where Apple, Adobe and Microsoft were called to testify.

Also on the program is a site that gives away free products and an interesting survey that shows most small and medium businesses are using the wrong storage and back-up solution for their data.

In the Tech Guide reviews we check out the new Sony Xperia Z smartphone which is not only packed with features but is also waterproof.

Also on the agenda are the new Seagate external hard drives and the latest range of Panasonic digital camera and camcorders.

We’ve also got a special Tech Guide interview this week. We sat down with Chris Corbould, the visual effects supervisor for Bond film Skyfall who has been working within the Bond universe for more than 30 years.

Corbould, an Oscar winner for his work on the Christopher Nolan film Inception, spoke about his experiences on the Bond set and what he’s got lined up next.

On the Tech Guide Help Desk we also discuss whether you actually need to buy another TV or if you can just watch TV on your tablet or smartphone.

You can listen to the podcast right here on the Tech Guide website simply by clicking on the TG Podcast button at the top of the page.

A new window will open up and allow listeners to stream the Tech Guide podcast while they are navigating the Tech Guide site.

Listeners will still be able to hear Stephen in his other popular weekly podcast with fellow technology commentator Trevor Long – Two Blokes Talking Tech.

There is now a separate button to access the high rating Two Blokes Talking Tech podcast episodes.

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