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Sony unveils latest version of acclaimed WH-1000XM5 headphones

Sony has revealed the latest version of its outstanding 1000X series the – WH-1000XM5 wireless noise cancelling headphones which employ new technologies to provide an even better sound experience.

The headphones have been redesigned and finished in soft fit leather with synthetic soft materials to fit snugly around your head and ease the pressure off your ears while still blocking out external noise.

Sony has taken its noise cancelling capabilities to a whole new level with two processers that control eight microphones to detect and reduce noise especially in the mid frequency range wall and auto in C Optimiser controls noise cancellation depending on your surroundings.

The result is a new level of distraction free listening whether you’re looking to focus on your work or relax on a flight or commute.

The integrated Processor V1 helps unlock the capabilities of Sony’s HD noise cancelling processor QN1 with the 30mm driver unit specifically designed to enhance noise cancelling.

These features also work to improve sound quality and bass reproduction so all you’ll hear is your content.

The 30mm driver unit is made of a rigid carbon fibre composite material to boost high frequency sensitivity that results in a more natural sound.

Customers can now enjoy high resolution audio with or without cables thanks to Sony’s audio coding technology LDAC.

Your music will be upscaled to high range sound with DSEE Extreme so you can appreciate the fine details of your favourite tracks.

The new Sony WH1000XM5 headphones are 360 reality audio certified so you can enjoy a custom immersive music experience personalise to your taste.

The new Sony headphones can also handle your calls with even higher quality thanks to four beamforming microphones and an AI-based noise reduction structure that can pinpoint and isolate your voice precisely.

And a new wind noise reduction structure means your calls will have minimal background noise whether you’re on a busy street or a bustling office.

Also on board is adaptive sound control which can adjust the sound to suit your surroundings.

Among the many smart features is Speak To Chat which can automatically stop the music and deactivate noise cancellation if the headphones sense your voice.

And once you stop talking the music resumes.

The Sony WH-1000XM5 also support Google’s new fast pair feature so it is even easier to pair your Android devices.

Battery-wise listeners will get an impressive 30 hours of battery life which is enough power to last on even the longest flights.

And if you’re in a hurry, you can get three hours of listening time with just three minutes of charging using the USB Power Delivery (PD).

The Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones will be priced at $649.95 and will go on sale in late June.