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Rode’s AI-Micro lets you record quality audio on your smartphone and computer


Rode Microphones has released the AI-Micro – an ultra-compact dual channel interface that can be used for recording high quality audio to a mobile device or computer.

The small product has two auto sensing inputs for connecting virtually any microphone with a 3.5mm output and has an onboard high-powered headphone output for crystal clear low latency audio monitoring and playback.

And it can be connected to both iOS and Android devices and computers with the included cables.

This portable solution now offers journalist and content creators the ability to record high quality audio anywhere and on any device.

The device can also be used with the Rode Connect software on your computer so you can connect multiple microphones and record a podcast, an interview and other content.

“With the AI-Micro, we set out to create the perfect solution for recording high-quality audio with a smartphone, tablet or computer using a 3.5mm microphone,” says RODE CEO Damien Wilson.

“The intention was to take the core design of our hugely popular SC6-L interface for iPhone and iPad and make it compatible with more devices and adaptable to a wider range of recording applications.

“By adding a universal USB output, enhanced microphone inputs, and compatibility with RØDE’s powerful app suite, we have absolutely achieved that.

“The AI-Micro is a must-have for everyone from content creators in need of an ultra-portable recording solution to professionals looking for an easy way to capture great sound while working from home.”

The AI-Micro has two high quality pre-amps onboard and can record high-resolution 24-bit/48Khz audio so you can really improve your audio recording quality.

These inputs can sense whether a TRS or TRRS microphone is connected and automatically make the adjustment without the need for any other hardware or adaptors.

Also onboard is a headphone output so you can monitor the audio as well.

The AI-Micro naturally works well with the Rode Connect, Rode Central and Rode Reporter apps so you can create broadcast quality audio on the go.

The Rode AI Micro is available now and is priced at $129.


– Ultra-compact dual-channel interface for recording high-quality audio on computers and mobile devices

– Compatible with virtually any microphone with a 3.5mm output, including RØDE VideoMics, lavaliers, wireless systems, and stereo microphones

– Auto-sensing inputs for connecting TRS or TRRS microphones

– High-power headphone output for crystal-clear, zero-latency audio monitoring and playback

– Connects seamlessly to computers, smartphones and tablets via its universal USB output (USB-A, USB-C and Lightning cables supplied)

– Compatible with the entire RØDE app suite for expanded features and functionality, on-the-go configuration, and broadcast-quality recording on any device

– Designed and made in RØDE’s state-of-the-art facilities in Sydney, Australia