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Rode releases impressive NTH-100 professional over-ear headphones

Rode, the Australian company behind excellent microphones and the Rodecaster Pro podcasting deck, has released its first pair of professional over-ear headphones – the NTH-100.

The NTH-100 brings together exceptional audio quality and impressive design so they can be worn comfortably for hours at a time.

Under the hood are custom-matched drivers which deliver incredible accuracy and almost zero distortion so you can hear remarkable detail and clarity while creating or editing content.

They have been created to provide a clear and crisp way for user to monitor their audio at home, in a studio or on the go whether it’s a podcast, a music production, livestreaming, location recording or video production.

Tech Guide has been using the NTH-100s for weeks for our podcasts, radio segments and audio and video editing and found them to offer superb clarity.

They are also extremely comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

The Rode NTH-100s have custom matched 40mm dynamic drivers which deliver accurate frequency response.

The design includes a custom voice coil with four layers of ultra high-tension aluminium alloy at its core coupled with an ultra-stiff triple layer mylar diaphragm.

Also on board is a rare earth neodymium magnet that bring these high-grade components together to ensure accurate acoustic and electrical performance across a broad frequency range.

The headphones are designed with contoured ear cups which add not only to the comfort level but improves the acoustics and provides an optimal listening experience.

The ear cups are covered with high density memory foam which also provides a level of noise isolation.

The NTH-100s are designed to sound natural – like open backs but with the advantage of closed backs including the reduction of external noise with no audio spill when recording close to a microphone.

They have a frequency response from 5Hz to 35Khz.

The result is you are hearing audio as it was meant to be heard and how it is being recorded or streamed.

The Rode NTH-100s were built with comfort in mind and include a fully adjustable headband with a Fit-Lock system so you can find the right fit and lock it in place so there is no need for an adjustment every time you put them on.

On the ear pads and headband is luxurious Alcantara, a high-quality material used in sports cars and high-end fashion which is extremely soft to touch and breathable.

Beneath the layer of Alcantara is cool tech gel which can absorb and dissipate heat to keep the head and ears cool and reduce wearing fatigue.

The ear cups also have a bi-directional movement so they fit any head size or shape, even for people wearing glasses.

There are cable attachments on both ear cups so the user can decide which side is more comfortable and convenient.

The cable also includes a locking connector, so the cable won’t come loose if it catches on something and pulled.

The headphones were made in Sydney, Australia from high grade materials and designed to handle the bumps of scrapes of everyday use.

Each pair comes with a storage pouch and a 3.5mm to quarter inch adapter for use with professional audio equipment along with a set of coloured ID rings for easier cable identification when using the channel colours of the Rodecaster Pro and Rode Connect.

The Rode NTH-100 professional over-ear headphones are available now and are priced at $249.