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Rode brings pro-level audio quality to the NT-USB Mini microphone

The new Rode NT-USB Mini has brought the impressive sound quality of the company’s professional microphones and shrunk it down to a compact easy-to-use size to deliver high audio quality for gamers, podcasters, streamers, content creators and musicians.

It brings the characteristics of Rode’s studio mics and brings a high-quality condenser to a smaller USB platform and deliver the warmth and quality in your recordings.

It measures 89mm wide and 141mm tall – that’s pretty compact with a really small footprint.

But don’t let its size let you underestimate its quality.

Under the hood is a directional cardioid polar pattern to reduce external room sound and focus on the dialogue, music or vocals being recorded.

There’s also a studio-grade headphone amplifier and 3.5mm headphone output along with a precision volume control which makes it a snap to keep an ear on your audio.

The NT-USB Mini is a condenser microphone so it can pick up sounds that are further away from the mic.

But this opens up other uses like recording an instrument or taking a video call seated at a desk.

For singing, livestreaming, vocals and voiceover work, your mouth needs to be 10-15cm from the microphone.

The device has been designed to include a lot of features to make it a real plug and play product for users who are not audio experts and want impressive quality.

These include a built-in pop filter, a detachable magnetic desk stand which is swing-mounted so you can position the mic upright, at an angle or upside down from microphone arm.

The NT-USB Mini has a class compliant USB output so the mic can easily be used with a Mac, PC or tablet without the need to download drivers or any additional software. Just plug it in and hit record.

The microphone is sturdy as well with steel and reinforced nylon resin construction.

It is designed for streamers, can add professional quality to a Skype call and allow users to express themselves in a podcast or musically.

The NT-USB Mini is available now and is priced at $149.