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Raise the roof at your next party with the big BlueAnt X5 Bluetooth speaker

You can’t go to a concert but you can still rock your next party at home with the new BlueAnt X5 speaker which offers a solid house-filling sound and a couple of microphones if you fancy yourself as a singer.

The $399.95 Australian-made 60W Bluetooth speaker has a built-in Class D amplifier and can produce 110dB of sound and great bass with an impressive sound range that doesn’t distort when you crank it up and wake the neighbours.

Onboard is BlueAnt’s patented Psycho-Acoustic Bass Extension with a 156mm woofer and a 59mm tweeter.

And it puts on an LED light show as well which pulses changes with the music.

Users can easily pair their smartphone to the speaker and enjoy their favourite music through the X5 speaker.

“This is in a class of its own – in terms of terms of loudness, clarity, portability and overall performance we don’t think you will find a better speaker anywhere in the world for under AU$400,” BlueAnt CEO Taisen Maddern says.

“No matter the song, the beat, the volume or the environment, every detail of the sound is delivered beautifully.

“For anyone looking to boost the party atmosphere with a crystal-clear, high-fidelity party speaker packing peerless, booming bass, the X5 is the right choice.”

The BlueAnt speaker also comes with two wired microphones which can be used at the same time in case you want to have a go at some karaoke with the adjustable echo effect to make yourself sound even more dramatic (or pathetic….).

The speaker also has as Duo mode which means you can pair two BlueAnt X5s to make the sound even larger.

Despite its size, the BlueAnt X5 weighs less than 4kg and can easily be carried room to room or you can take it out with you.

Onboard is a rechargeable battery that will run for up to 20 hours on a single charge and it can even be used to charge other mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and cameras.

We’re not going out to large parties or to any music festivals are unlikely to return this summer so you can stay home and create your own party with the BlueAnt X5.

“We’re not just in the work-from-home era but the entertain-at-home era too,” said Maddern.

“Whether it’s finding ways to keep the kids occupied while you work from home or getting family and friends around for a party or gathering, people are looking at upgrading their home entertainment and technology to meet these needs.”

 “Customers are getting much more than what they pay for when it comes to the sound the X5 can produce at that price point,” Maddern said. “It produces crystal clear sound without distortion. It’s a premium speaker at a mid-range price point and our customers will be over the moon with the bang for the buck they’re receiving in the X5.”

 Key Features:

– Portable and powerful 60-Watt Bluetooth Party Speaker with a Highly Efficient Class D Amplifier

– It delivers booming 110dB+ of Dynamic HQ Audio

– It packs a 156mm woofer (6.5in), a 59mm tweeter (2.25in), and BlueAnt’s patented Psycho-Acoustic Bass Extension

– Offers up to 20 hours of mega-loud playtime, has a built-in power bank, and is capable of continuous play when plugged in to its rapid charge DC adaptor

– Bluetooth 5.0, USB and Aux playback options

– Duo mode can connect two X5 speakers for an immersive, stage-like experience indoors or outside

– Features simple one-touch controls at your fingertips

The BlueAnt X5 is priced at $399.95 and is available through Telstra stores and at JB Hi-Fi.