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Pure’s new digital radio and iPod dock

purei20digital audio

Pure has launched an affordable internet-connected digital radio and an eye-catching iPod/iPhone dock which will enable onboard music and video to be enjoyed on a hi-fi or home theatre system.

One Flow, priced at $249, can link to your home network to access tens of thousands of internet radio stations along with digital and FM stations.

The $149 Pure i20 dock can link an iPod or iPhone into your home entertainment system.


Digital radio is becoming even more popular with consumers not only because of the enhanced sound and reception quality but for the other features like data transmission where you can see the name of the song playing and talkback radio phone numbers on the LCD display.

The One Flow, with its internet connection, can give users access to radio stations and podcasts from around the world.

Pure's ONE Flow internet-connected digital radio

There are 30 presets for FM and digital stations, kitchen and sleep timers, two alarms plus a 3.5mm aux input to connect an iPod or MP3 player.

One Flow also has a selection of ambient sounds for relaxation.

And you can take One Flow with you with up to 40 hours of portable listening when fitted with the optional ChargePak valued at $99.

The Pure i20 can send the music on your iPhone or iPod out through your stereo speakers.

The device has DAC (digital to analogue converter) to provide high quality audio output from compressed or uncompressed iPod tracks.

And with video outputs on the i20, users can display any videos stored on their iPhone or iPod on their TV.

Both the Pure One Flow and the Pure i20 are available now.


Pure's i20 iPod/iPhone dock