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Pioneer links easier to Apple devices with new range

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Pioneer has unveiled an impressive range of home audio products which make it easier to share content around the home and control them with smartphones and tablets.

The company has hitched its wagon to the Apple brand with out of the box compatibility with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

AirPlay – Apple’s wireless streaming standard – will be integrated into Pioneer’s line of home theatre AV receiver products.  

Pioneer outlined the fact that the way consumers listen, watch and access their content is rapidly evolving especially with the advance of smartphones, tablet and smart TVs.

But, according to Pioneer, the missing piece of the puzzle is smart audio.

The new range of audio products, which will roll out from July until October, are designed to make it easier to connect your content and share your content with intuitive control which is available to everyone in the home.

AirPlay will be featured on six of Pioneer’s new AV receivers – the $1099 VSX 921; VXS-1021 $1,299; VSX-2021 $1,799; VSX-LX55 $1,999; SC-LX75 $2,499 and all the way up to SC-LX85 priced at $3499.

With the device on the same network as the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, music can be wirelessly stream to the AV receiver and then shared to the speakers that are connected to it.

The Pioneer receivers can be connected with an Ethernet cable or wirelessly with an optional wireless LAN adaptor.

Pioneer's new AVControl2 for iPhone and iPad can take control of your system

Once connected users can then choose a song on their Apple device and simply tap the AirPlay icon, choose the Pioneer receiver on the drop down list, and then listen to the song playing through the selected device after a few seconds.

Now users can direct their content to various parts of the home using AirPlay either from an Apple device or from their iTunes music library and even send it to more than one device at the same time.

To consolidate the experience for customers with Apple products, Pioneer also plan to release two new apps which offer control and a new way to share their favourite songs.

iControl AV2 connects on the same wi-fi network and will be compatible with the range of Pioneer audio products released from July this year and offers even deeper integration of control and fine tuning.

The app will also allow users to select their source and even dive deeper and adjust audio settings.

Air Jam is new app which allows up to four users to stream their favourite songs from their devices to a Pioneer audio product and create a group playlist using Bluetooth.

Other users also connected will be able to see the other songs selected on their screens and even opt to buy it from iTunes if they don’t already own the song.

The Pioneer VSXS300 slim range AV receiver

AV receivers have been a part of audio and video fans’ set ups for years but newcomers will have a better understanding of the product if they view it as the hub for their entertainment.

Pioneer has recognised the size of the traditional AV receivers may be a turn off for some consumers because the device is too large to fit in their entertainment cabinets.

As a result Pioneer has released a new slim range which is about the size of a Blu-ray player and can easily reside next to the other components without the need to buy a new entertainment unit.

The VSXS300 and VSXS500 will be priced at $549 and $799 respectively when they are released in September.